aka Crym, Crymmy, CrySho

  • I live in Florida, USA
  • I was born on May 9
  • My occupation is Mother of a monkey, destroyer of lawn gnomes
  • I am Female
Me with Haircut

Welcome to My Profile!!!

Salutations everyone!!! My name is CrymsonShokwave. You can call me Crym, Crymson, or CrySho, or anything you want to call me. I've been knowing Sonic the Hedgehog for a long time when I was little, and I like the characters, the show, and the games. I'm also a big fan of Roleplaying and Fanons, which it inspires me. I do draw, as you can tell by the pictures I uploaded for my Fanon characters. Please, with an utmost graditue and respect, don't steal or copy any of them to make them as your own. I have a signature telling everyone that they are my drawings and I really did draw them. If you like, I can draw YOUR characters if you can ask me, I will be glad. Just go to my page and ask. I hope I can get to know anyone of you and befriend you. Thank you. <(^w^)>/)


I am accepting any requests for the following:

  • Fanon Character
  • Couples

If you want to, you may come to my Talk Page and ask. I will be happy to accept. :)


  • Mood: <(-_-)>/)
  • Feeling: zZzZzZzZzZz
  • Thoughts: I want sleeeeeeeep, but I got work today....

.:~Fanon Characters of Mine~:.

Main Characters in bold

Characters in Italics are use the most.





  • Name: CrymsonShokwave
  • Real Name: Holly Patterson
  • Gender: Female
  • Status: Married
  • DOB: May 9, 1993
  • Zodiac: Taurus
  • Living: Florida
  • Likes: Drawing, Roleplaying, FanFiction, Anime, Manga, Friends, Exploring, Drawing (I think i ssid that twice o.o)
  • Dislikes: Drawers' Block (Especially!!!), Writers' Block, Lawn Gnomes (Where's my shovel... =3=)
  • Favorite Anime/Manga: Naruto, Bleach, Pokemon, Digimon, Shugo Chara!, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Inuyasha, Sonic the Hedgehog, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Vampire Knight, Black Bird, Yumeikui Merry, Ai Ore!, DB, DBZ, DBGT , Seraph of the End, Tokyo Ghoul
  • Favorite Games: Pokemon (Blue, Platinum, HeartGold, White), Sonic the Hedgehog (Battle Heroes 2), Resident Evil (Outbreak, 4), Mortal Kombat (Armageddon), Legend of Zelda (Wind Waker, Phantom Hourglass) Fallout (3, New Vegas), The Elder Scrolls (Skyrim), Borderlands (1, 2, and Pre-Sequal.......idk)


(My Roleplays are Italisized)

.:~Connection with Other Users~:.

~Friends ~

Bold are Close Friends, Italics are Awesome Friends, Both Bold and Itaics are my Long Time Friends

  • Frost the Wolf ~ My bestest, best, best, BEST friend ever since I joined this Wiki. I think there is something more to our friendship..... (Shot!)
  • Monk the Cat ~Monk. Go. BOOM!!! He's part of the staff, but I have been friends with him before that.
  • HS664 ~ He's awesome!! Nuf said.....-3-
  • FroZenHyBrid ~We chat on chat.He's pretty cool.
  • Agent-Kai (AKA Zion) ~ He was Zion long before my absence. Now I am bac, he's part of th staff. Boy I miss a lot....
  • Darkest Shadow (AKA Piano) ~Pretty awesome! Shemakes some good pictures.
  • Melloshroom (AKA Doom, or Blake as some call him....) ~ He's a good guy. We only chat and TP in chat.
  • True Lycalo ~Too bad he is extremely busy.....;~;
  • SPop101 ~Wish we can chat more here T~T


  • Akrivus
  • Frozen Scorpio
  • (Will put more if I remember......)


  • (Sheesh, I don't think I have anything besides trolls, spammers and idiots. Owo;;;)

.:~Gallery of Drawings~:.

Note: These drawings are a property of CrymsonShokwave. At any result, with an utmost gratitude and respect, DO NOT steal or make them as your own. But if you like, you may ask me on my User Talk Page if I can draw any of your fanon characters. Thank you. ~CrySho~

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