Hello, my name is Chris. I'm a semi-old active member here, I don't really come around anymore. I love to make fancharacters, and as you can see I got a ton of them... although I mainly returned here today because I decided to go through them and kind of clean-up a bit, save fanart, remove some of them, etc...

Back when I was a "newbie fancharacter artist" I did a lot of recolors. But now I prefer to make my own drawings, or in most cases, I use a base, or "trace and modify" existing images so that they can look different. I'm not a very confident artist so I don't really like to draw my own images, but I don't steal from other artists either, just to point that out.

I'm also super-obsessed with description work :3 like describing an outfit, or appearance. So if you're not so good at it or would like me to take a look as your own, I wouldn't mind lending a hand!

Anyway, it turns out now that we're not even allowed to trace and modify existing images? Even if we completely modify them, which I kind of think sucks because my art was pretty much that... so if you see any red links below, it's because they got deleted without my knowing.


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H through O

P through V

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