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Hello, my name's Chica Nunnally. While I left here after a certain situation, I have decided to come back and start over.

And please, don't do anything that will cause me to leave again. You wouldn't want that, now would you?

My Schedule: It varies, depending on the day. I can't be here all the time, you know.

Character Creations

Julia Finitevus's Continuity

See here for a list.

XophPsycho's Continuity

  • Maria Hayes
  • Leah Hydraniski

Clairebear165's Universe

Fanfictions/Other Stories

Hikaru the Kitsune: Continuums of the Past

Chronicles of Clara

  • Records of Timelessness

Fan Films


Alternate Universes


Friends (no particular order)


  • TheDarkMantis15 (I would truly love to get to know him better. His characters are awesome.)
  • True Lycalo (Haven't talked in to him in a long time, so yeah. I really like Twilight, his fursona.)
  • Saren the Dark Lynx (Another person I haven't talked to in a long time.)


  • NeoBionicWarrior (I would have gotten along with him just fine if he wasn't so weird. But after seeing that ripoff of Io the Cat, I don't like him at all. For now, I'll just stay well away from him.)

My Dislikes

  • All the Classic Lucas jokes (Looking at you, Jet and Blake.)
  • Conformity (Really, I just want to be myself. Why? I like being a unique individual.)
  • Anything unoriginal. (Again, why? Because things like recolors are completely unoriginal!)
  • Politics (Corruption is why I strongly dislike politics.)
  • Too many questions (One question I can handle, but more than that? Nope, because too many questions at once is annoying and difficult to answer.)


Participating In


Favorite Wikia Moments

  • The one time I corrupted a cherry wish so that the wisher got cancer from said cherries. (Somebody should screenshot that...)