Chica Nunnally

aka Gwendolyn Flores

  • I live in U.S.A
  • I was born on July 7
  • My occupation is Writer, Roleplayer, Proofreader
  • I am Female
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Hello, my name's Chica Nunnally. While I left here after a certain situation, I have decided to come back and start over.

And please, don't do anything that will cause me to leave again. You wouldn't want that, now would you?

Main Characters (Julia Finitevus's Continuity)

See here for a list: My Characters for Julia's Continuity

Other Characters (No Continuity/Without Pages)


Hikaru the Kitsune: Continuums of the Past

Friends (in no particular order)


I'm Uncomfortable With

  • All the Classic Lucas jokes (Looking at you, Jet and Blake.)
  • Conformity (Really, I just want to be myself.)


Participating In


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