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Voltrex is a mobian Vulture and was once a member of Dragoonworks


Zero was a white Vulture that lived on the planet Areos-9. when his planet was attacked by Dragoonworks part of a building he was under collasped, however he was saved by General Spike, a few weeks later he was hit by a lighting bolt


allies:spike the wolf, Rampart the rhino likes: his EX-9 walker

dislikes: having his walker destroyed(mainly from Rampart trying to work it, even though he can't drive it)


"wait! rampart don't touch that button, rampart NO!!"-when rampart presses the self destruct button

"finally done... Oh you got to be kidding me!!!"-finished a new vehicle but gets destroyed by rampart 3 seconds later


c1awb0t(original), EX-9 Battle walker, EX-9 Battle walker advance, EX droids, power suit,

mobius 30 years later

Voltrex is the brains of team dragoon

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