The Megameronatt (Meg-aim-ron-at)(or MCM for short) is a star ship controlled by 3 different groups, it is the only one of its kind.


The MCM was created for several reasons, it was a Weapon, Peacekeeper, and Economic Vehicle all in one.

Weapon Vehicle

the Weapons on the MCM include: two Nebulizer Missile launchers (top) and four Plasma cannons (bottom). the Nebulizer is the final Upgrade of the Missile Launcher, each laucher able to hold a maximum of Five before it auto-reloads. as the four Plasma Cannons below are not the final upgrade, however they are as strong as the final upgrade. the MCM can easily win a fight by itself against an entire planets army of ships.

Peacekeeper Vehicle

the Peacekeeping devices on the MCM allow it to give other empires a Religion to follow (no specific Religion though). they try to keep Empires from constantly demaning Money from other Empires as a "gift to their god".

Economic Vehicle

the MCM was also created where goods such as Spice would be safely traded, across the Galaxy. the Cargo Bay was placed in a secure location aboard the ship. it also had a separate bay, for Universal Credits. the MCM is very fast, and can esily complete a trade in about five minutes.

Possessors of the Vehicle

To be Edited by Users Ryushusupercat, KPZSR1, and Chembur

  • Cameron and the StarPaw Corps (Windstalker)


  • Its name is a mix of the two Users it was dedicated to, and its Creator
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