Great Gaia
The Great Gaia is a Starship used by The Grand Star Army, it is an Modified form of The Draxun.



The Great Gaia was created as the Main Starship for the Grand Star Army, it was made from several Draxun parts, and a new founded Metal, which had a bluish Hue to it. The Starship would replace the Dragoonworks Draxun.

First Launch

The First Great Gaia was launched during Night of Infinity, as the First was secretly built under Pintor's Citadel. After Pintor's Citadel is destroyed, The Grand Star Army then Activate Project: Great Gaia, in which most of the land opened, revealing an Underground hangar, with a Great Gaia inside. the ship is then launched. After Night of Infinity, The Great Gaia is then used widely, as the replacement of the Draxun.


The Great Gaia, for starters, is twice as large as a Draxun, making it one of the Largest Starships to date. The Great Gaia also has thousands of Turrents. Like the Draxun, the Great Gaia has a MegaLaser, called the Opal Eradicator, stored inside the mouth (the jaw opens to reveal an Opal, which can cause a blast powerful enough to Obliterate half of the Moon.

Physical Appeareance

The Great Gaia is a Violet-Blue color, with Gold Color Platings, such as the Jaw and Horns. The Ship has eight Green eyes, four on each side, the smallest in front, and the largest in the back. The ship has Four Horns (only two can be seen in the Picture). The ship has a "Double Wing", from its appeareance. It has a Golden Spine on the top, which leads to a Long Spike at the back.

Differences from the Draxun

Other than a major Physical Appeareance from the Draxun, the Great Gaia has many other Differences. One difference is size, as The Draxun is about the size of the Great Gaia's Wing. another Difference is the amount of abilities each has, as the Draxun has about 50 different abilities, compared to the Great Gaia, which has about 200.


  • The head of the Great Gaia is partially based off of the Dragon God from Chrono Cross.
  • The Great Gaia was built from a Draxun, along with several parts from the Original ZETA.
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