Team Nighmare is a Team composed of many different members, with Pintor the Nexus as the Leader.


Pintor the Nexus

Pintor is well known for his Paint Brush Staff which brings animation to anything he paints. He is also known for his large Citadel, or known as the Castle of Nightmares. He is as old as the Universe itself, as he is part of the Universe. Pintor can use his staff to fight as well. Pintor is also known for his ability to control Darkness through Magic and Energy. .


Spirita is a Ghost-Fox who passed away many years ago. despite being a Spirit, she is Pintor's assistant at the Citadel. as a Spirit, not only can she fly, but she can also travel through solid objects. she has large bat wings, and her arms are almost always hidden by her cloak's sleeves.

Spike Mechanoid

Unlike the Original Spike Mechanoid, who is evil and mainly cruel, this one was created to assist Pintor, it is his personal advisor. with the ability to lift about five tons, Advance Technology, and a Battery Cell that will almost never run out, the Spike Mechanoid is a Fearsome Opponent in Combat.

Ashley the Leopard

An Ally of Pintor, Ashley can be seen as a member of the team from time to time.

Bandit the Wolf

An Ally of Pintor, Bandit can be seen as a member of the team from time to time.

Kyle the Wolf

An Ally of Pintor, Kyle can be seen as a member of the team from time to time.


  • this team is a parody of Team Nightfall, as Team Nightfall are Heroes as Team Nightmare are Villains, as both have a leader who is black and white, and has Nexus in the name (Captain Nexus, Pintor the Nexus).
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