Spike the Wolf (オオカミを打ちつけなさい) (Supaiku za Urufu) is a 1000 year old Destroyer. He is the Current leader of an Organization called Dragoonworks, and the first of the Project Life-CLAW Experiments. He is Akida, Cryptic Darkness.

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Spike the Destroyer

Biographical Information
Age 1000
  • Spike the Destroyer
  • Spike the Wolf
  • Akida the Destroyer
Birthplace The C.L.A.W. Satellite
Physical Description
Species Destroyer
Gender Male
  • Fur: Sienna Brown
  • Eyes: Pure Black

Armor over Arms

Height 5' 7'
Weight 100lbs.
Physique Solid
Right/Left Hand Ambidextrous
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Manipulation of Galactic Energy
  • Super Strength
  • Super Speed
  • Swordsmanship
Other Information
American V.A. Chembur
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)
  • "E-102 Gamma Theme Reversed" (Delphonus Theme)
  • "Fuel Me" by Crush 40 (Mobius Theme)
  • "Suitable Opponent" (Battle Theme)
  • "For True Story" (Racing Theme)
  • "Live and Learn" by Crush 40 (Galactic Spike)
  • "Supporting me" by Crush 40(Spike Perfect Stage 1-4)
  • "With Me" by Crush 40 & All Ends (Spike Perfect Stage 5)
Original Creator Chembur



Spikes History appears in the Original Claw Saga

Spike was created as Project S.T.A.R. by a Space Tyrant named Claw, with the powers of the seven Galactic Emeralds (black/Dark blue emeralds with star markings on them, as if they were Space itself). weeks later, he stole a jewel from the planet Anoxia, named after the jewel Anox. Anox was a living jewel, so when he was placed in Spike's Sword, Anox became the sword. Spike, with the power of the mighty Blade of Darkness, Anox destroyed trillions of planets as part of Claw's Army(in case you don't know, trillion comes after billion), which gave Spike his title as "The Destroyer of a Thousand Galaxies".

Betraying the Dragon

the last Planet Spike would ever destroy was called Delphonus (Del-fon-us) it was here that a certain Mobian named Asida told Spike what he was doing was wrong,with Spike only replying with," Insolent Fool, I know What I am Doing, and what I'm doing will rid the Universe of you", She escaped however, which caused Spike to toss Anox into a tree, Slicing it in half. a few days later, Spike learned that this system of Claw's, Surrendering, or the Planet would be Obliterated wasn't his destiny, it was not what he should have. Spike was about to Blast the Planet Mobius (or Earth) that surrendered, when he Betrayed Claw, by destroying the Cannon controls. Claw ordered his Clawbots, his robotic minions, and his Raptoroid minions, to seize the Traitor, Spike escaped however, but for him, The Clock was set, his True Destiny would Begin....

7 Days before Mobius is Obliterated 

 with only one week, Spike set out for the four towers Claw placed to protect his Space Armada. nearby he noticed a fight with between a Lime green Armadillo, and a green rabbit with a huge figure made of the Shadows. the Amadillo notices Spike and tells him to not stand there but help. Spike attacks the Shadow, with the hole in the Shadow healing instantly. the Shadow tells the Rabbit it is time to go. after they leave, the Amadillo reveals herself to be Trish, a Chaos Sister (See NinjaZane on the SFW) Spike merely starts to walk away when Trish says she's not done, Spike continues to walk away, Trish catches up and says she needs to get that rabbit, named Twig (see NinjaZane on the SFW) back to their side,  she explains through a flashback that she and the other Chaos Sisters were attacked by trish, and that Shadow who called himself DarkSpirit. Spike only travels with her since see said she saw a tower some time back.

6 Days before Mobius is Obliterated

the two find DarkSpirit and Twig, and begin Battle, no matter what they do, it didn't effect DarkSpirit, until the Sun started to comeout, this caused DarkSpirits body to sizzle and create smoke, which causes him to flee into the Shadow. Spike then starts cutting all the Trees within Range, causing DarkSpirit to burn, yet he escapes into the ground, as Twig regains Control. Spike then demands that," I have done your mmission, now help m with mine" with trish replying," well I lied, good luck on finding the Tower" Spike then Slashes one tree, which causes it to fall. Spike then sets out for this Tower, which he reaches by Evening. after Defeating the Sub-boss (Minata), he meets a hedgehog amed Shima, by the next day, they've made it to the second tower. here however, the Sub-boss (Deltor) Deltor activates a portal, that sends Spike and himself into Blade's Dimension.

5 Days before Mobius is Obliterated

Spike and Deltor are sent to different parts of the Dimension. Spike lands in a forest, after traveling for some time, he comes to a Kingdom. there, he meets Blade, Paladina, and Calavier. he becomes allies with them as Aero finds the remains of Deltor's Robotic Body. Deltor then tells Aero a plan to rid the kingdom of Blade. Spike helps the three in Sword Fighting, since he could be stuck for some time. a few days later, Aero starts Deltors Plan, yet in the end, it creates a Portal that Spike and Deltor take to return to Mobius. Spike finds out that he has been gone for about ten seconds

4 Days Before Mobius is Obliterated

Spike and Shima split, Spike heads out to the city to find someone that he could borrow a Ship from, there, he meets Kyle and Cosmic, in which, Spike tries  find a vehicle that he could use to get to the Primo Draxun. the Primo Draxun however, stations itself above the City, which makes things tougher, as now the City is at stake.

3 Days Before Mobius is Obliterated

2 Days Before Mobius is Obliterated

1 Day before Mobius is Obliterated

A Call to Battle

A Planet Rescued

Another Planet's Life is on the Line

several years later, Claw invaded Delphonus for a third time, and this time, He had the C.L.A.W. Satellite Operatonal now, and would fire in exactly two years, of course it was harder than thought, as the C.L.A.W. Satellite's Defense system made it impossible to enter the Satellite, unless all eight of the Defense systems were destroyed, each on a different Continent, and each, guarded by one of Claw's top eight warriors.


While fighting the Dragon Lord himself, Spike and Claw suffered more serious injuries (such as wounds that reached almost to the bone), in which after the battle, Claw was defeated, and Spike, even though he was the victor, Died the very moment he won, Spike fell dead, however a miracle happened, as the Spirit of Anox emerged from the blade, he lifts Spike, and flies through the hole in the ceiling into the Stars, it is said that a new star appeared in the sky that night......


Spike is reborn after using a Memory Chip he created before his destruction, it stored everything about him, he was then Recreated by Voltrex and the Zoir, to be exactly the same, in a sense, it was Spike, just a different body, however the body was exactly the same as his old body. They then sent him back to the moment the Universe was created, in which Spike traveled to the Planet Delphonus, traveled to the core, in which he then stayed, in a dormant state, until his apparent death, in which Spike is then reawakened, and takes the place of the Original Spike, the only difference is the age. Since the event, it has been revealed this Spike is far Stronger then the original.

Night of Infinity

Warning: Spoilers Ahead


In the prolouge, it is revealed Spike was captured by the Dark Star Army, and was asked several times the location of where he hid Anox. For not replying, Spike's arms were cut off. After enough times saying He will never answer that question, he is tossed off The Draxun, and into space, where he fell through the atmosphere. He is later shown wearing His Original Armor, as it keeps his arms connected to the socket. Whenever Spike uses a Galactic Ability in the suit, the Mark of Anox design glows Purple.


Spike is Cold-Hearted and Cruel. when someone talks to him, he'll just have one eye look at who's talking. Spike Never Smiles, nomatter what. Once a fight has started with him, you cannot run or flee, you must fight until the death against him, those who flee from him, will be killed by him. As the First of the Destroyer, he is the worst of them, despite the fact he protects Mobius.


Spikes Voice

Spike sounds similar to (2:50)



Red Eyes

by looking into someones eyes, he can take away their Soul, the move was first used by Twilight Nora.

Eradicator Beam

The attack that Gave Spike his Title, when fully Charged, the beam can Eradicate an Entire Planet within Seconds.

Final Regret

This Move is called Final Regret, as Spike say's before using it," You have made your Final Regret, Prepare to Die", he will Send the Opponent flying upward, then Attacks in a triangle pattern.

Final Abilities

Galactic Revenge

Spike's Personal Move, he tosses an opponent upwards, then strikes downward, (while in the air) Spike launches a Beam of Galactic Energy

Galactic Armegeddon

a Sphere of Purple Energy destroys everything within a five mile radius (rivaled in power only by Nexus or the Dominus Union attack.)

Galactic End

Fires a beam of Purple Energy that normally defeats the enemy.


Spike has five Transformations: Spike Perfect, Galactic Spike, Shadow Spike, Spike Perfect Mode, and Holy Spike

Spike Perfect is the Corrupted for of Spike, caused by the Quild Emerald, this form has 5 stages, in each stage, his right eye is black

Stage 1- a Snake the size of Sonic, the Quild Emerald is in the Quild Symbol on its tail

Stage 2- a Snake the size of the Biolizard, the Quild Emerald is in the Quild Symbol on its tail

Stage 3- a Snake with a long tail, a big body, with long wings, the Quild Emerald centered in its body as the Symbol is on his back

Stage 4- Spike has grown a longer tail, larger wings, and arms with 3 claws each, the Quild Emerald is circled by its body, the Symbol is Place above his head

Stage 5- a monster the size of the Dark Queen, this Beast has 4 feet claws, 3 hand claws, a long tail made to smash, and without wings, this Beast has the Quild Emerald embeded in its Chest Plate, the Quild Symbol is floating above his head

Shadow Spike is when Spikes fur turns black, and the Crest of Anox glows white, but it is not a Dark Form, as Shadow Spike is the Opposite of Holy Spike. in this Form, Spike can unleash the Most Darkest Abilities 

Galactic Spike is a form Spike obtains by obtaining Power from the Galactic Emeralds, in this Form, Spike's Galactic Abilities are increased ten-fold. This is his most well known Transformation

Spike Perfect Mode is not Spike Perfect but an Artifical Superform, in which he transforms into a monstrous Dragon like form, he is invincible in this state, however this form does have a random Time-limit, this Form appears in Project Apocalypse.

Holy Spike is Spike's second-ultimate transformation, in which he can perform Holy abilities, it is also the only form known that can use the Soul Sacrifice ability.

Spike Omega is Spike's Ultimate transformation, quite similar to Omega Claw, In this form, Spike's physical appearence does not change, however Spike has a large Purple aura surrounding him, in this form, it is said that all Galactic Abilities are x100 their normal strength.

Interaction's with other characters

Sonic the Hedgehog

while Spike regards Sonic as a rival, he also count's him as a possible Ally. Spike doesn't meet Sonic in the Original Claw Saga, but in a different storyline, he meets Sonic while working for Dragoonworks. Spike doesn't work with Sonic often, but when needed, they'll work together.

Voltrex the Vulture

Voltrex is the Lead Scientist of Dragoonworks. Spike tends to rely on Voltrex in certain situations. Voltrex seems to appear to have the same amount of knowledge as Spike, but Spike has said,"Voltrex has one of the greatest Minds in this Universe, I gained my knowlegde from the one who taught it to me.

Rampart the Rhino

Rampart is the one Spike uses for Certain Missions, since Rampart is a Bounty Hunter. Spike knows that Rampart can take care of himself, even in the worst of situations.  

Shima the Hedgehog

Spike originally meets Shima as the helper towards the second Tower in the Original Claw Saga.

Shahooter the Owl

Spike orignally meets Shahooter when going into the Outerworld from an Underground Dragoonworks Base.Since, Spike has watched as the Windstalkers become the Imperial Guards. Shahooter once asked Spike if he could become Spike's apprentice, with Spike refusing as he had trained by himself.

Ryu the Cat

Spike has met Ryu and her friends many times, He only Helps as far as he must until Mobius is safe from Danger. Spike has been in:

The Ancients Incident (Eternal Darkness) 

The Elemental Dark Incident (Fury of the Elemental Gods)

The Apocalypse Incident (Project Apocalypse)

The Troll Incident (The Troll Wars)

Claw, the Lord of Dragon's

Claw, the Feared Tyrant of the Universe, the Creator of Spike the Destroyer. Spike later turns traitor on him. Spike has battled Claw three times, the first on Mobius, the Second on Delphonus, the third in Space.

The Original Claw Saga

the Original Story of the Tyrant dragon Claw, along the story, he meets a number of Characters, at which he must tag team with for some time 

If you want a Character to Appear, ask Chembur

Characters set to appear

  • Spike the Wolf
  • Claw the Dragon lord
  • Twig the Dark Green rabbit
  • Sunny the Hedgehog
  • DarkSpirit
  • Shima the Hedgehog
  • Cosmic the Hedgehog
  • Kyle the Hedgehog
  • Blade the Wolf
  • Paladina the Fox
  • Cavalier the Hedgehog
  • Aero the Sorcerer

Sir Malagant

Sir Malagant is Spike's Arthurian counterpart. unlike the other Knights of the Round Table, Sir Malagant, the First Knight, is a Villain instead.


"do not mess with the mission I am to carry."-completing a mission

"this is why I work without help."-after he fails when Teaming up

"I have no reason for this event, when its outcome has already been decided"-before a race

"This was a waste of my time"-winning a race

"I let you win"-after losing a race

"Now, I am the Destoyer, this is proof"-S rank

"this what I must do daily, not even worth my time"-A rank

"Minor Flaw"-B rank

"Major Flaw"-C rank

"Hmph"-D rank

"solo, that is how I work from this reason"-E rank

"your death shall be swift!"-before a battle

"I shall place you into the other world next"-before a battle

"now, feel thy Wrath, of the Galactic Revenge!" - when using Galactic Revenge in 2-player

"this was determined before it began"-after winning a battle

" I let you win"-after being defeated in a battle

"You Will Now Meet the One who Truly Destroyed a Thousand Galaxies, The True Darkness!"- while turning into Spike perfect   

"I will Never lose to a being such as You! GYRAAAAAAAH" after defeating Spike perfect


  • the Wheeldash Idea was based off a creature I draw called the Spike Runner
  • Spike doesn't actually meet Sonic in the Original Claw saga, yet when Spike Debuted, Spike was on Claw's Side when he met Sonic.
  • Spike doesn't have any Counterparts from any other Dimension, he is the only Akida the Destroyer, unless you count the other creations of Claw from different Fanon Universes.
  • Spike has never actually been seen running, so it is still unknown how fast he really is, but it is presumed he can run between the speeds of 350mph to 675mph (Sonic runs at a top speed of 761mph)

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