Slay the Wolf is the Shadow Realm version of Spike the Wolf,he is the leader of the Shadow Dragoonworks

Interaction's with other Characters

Name Slay the wolf
Age ???
Gender Male
Description Black Spike
  • Team Shadow Dragoon
Romantic Intrests
  • Xona, Blade of the Shadows
Ability Type Speed
  • Spellcasting
  • Flight
  • Sword usage
  • Shadow type attacks
  • Wheel Dash

Spike the wolf

Slay and Spike have fought each other multiple times, most of which end up in a tie, they each consider the other "a perfect rival"

Clover the Cat

Clover once had a crush on Slay, however since she was mistreated, she instead grew a crush on Slay's counterpart Spike

Shadow Dragoonworks SDW

Slay is the leader of Shadow Dragoonworks

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