Chembur/Count of Monta Crista

Biographical Information
Age Unknown (believed to be somewhere in his thirties)
  • Edmond the Wolfbat (true name)
  • The Count of Monta Crista
Physical Description
Species Wolfbat (Black Wolf-Bat crossbreed)
Gender Male
  • Fur: Black
  • Eyes: Red
  • mainly fur (fake fur) coats
  • almost anything as he is a Master of Disguise
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Firm: Thomas and French (Owner)
  • Isle of Monta Crista (Owner)
  • Spectrakinesis
  • Combat
  • Super speed
  • Sharp claws
  • Flight
  • can disquise himself as almost anyone
  • has a never-ending wealth
  • Can speak: Greek, Itailan, French, English, and Dutch
Super Forms

None Yet

Other Information
American V.A.


Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)


Original Creator Chembur (based off The Count of Monte Cristo)

The Count of Monta Crista is a Character owned by User:Chembur. He is obviously based on The Count of Monte Cristo.


Life as a Sailor

Falsely Accused

Revenge, What the Wicked Deserved

Part I

Part II

Part III

Part IV



Before Imprisonment

before being Imprisoned, he had everything ever needed to make him happy (which was barely anything). however his joy was short, as he was falsely accussed. even being imprisoned, he was still happy, but over time, as seeing that all hope was lost, his personality drastically changed.

After Imprisonment

After escaping, his personality drastically changed, instead of the joyous sailor he once was, he was now, a dark and mysterious person, who only wished to Reward the Good, and Punish the Wicked who had Imprisoned him. he has nothing left to lose, as he has lost it all, which makes, an internal emptiness.


as a Wolfbat, he has a keen sense of smell, and can fly with his bat-like wings. he also has sharp claws that can easily scale walls. after being imprisoned, he learned how to use Spectrakinesis.

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