The 01-ZETA is a Starship used by Pintor the Nexus to travel world from world.


The 01-ZETA is the first and only of its kind. The ZETA is a High Tech starship that, when not in use, is stored in the giant hangar hidden under Pintor's Citadel, the same hangar that The Great Gaia was created in. It was created while Pintor's Citadel was being constructed, as when Pintor crashed into Mobius 10,000 years ago, he crashed into the planet himself. The Zeta is about equal size to the Great Gaia, this could be noticed as Pintor flew the ZETA next to the Great Gaia. The ZETA is made of a very strong metal not found on Mobius called Nexium, named after the Nexus Species.


The ZETA is outfitted with several Laser cannons, along with a shield generator that produces a shield around the ship that not even a planet buster could break through! While it may seem this would cost a large amount of energy, it does not as The ZETA is outfitted with three Energy Tanks, one for weapons, another for the shield, and the last as a Nitro for the Engines when required. Pintor also has the ability to switch tanks, say if the nitro tank is destroyed, the Weaponry tank can move in place and replace the Nitro tank.

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