"My Story here has ended where it all Began, I will be reborn as PARADOX only when all is known...however, it seems that time will never come at all..."


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I suffer From Hemophilia Severe, Type A, Hemophilia is a Medical Disorder where the average human has several Clotting factors, a Hemophiliac, I do not have all my Clotting Factors. with these Clotting factors, we would bleed to death, which does two things to me: 1 makes me be extra careful during sports, 2 turns me into a walking pin cushion. I take recombinate factor 8, which means I am missing factors 8,9,10,11, and so on. Sever means I can gain bruises by doing nothing.

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Mythical Beasts/Haunting Series

Mainly Villains, these are Mythical Beasts

Arctic Series

Legacy Series

Similar to the Mythical Beasts Series, except these are heroes instead, with non-evil mythical beasts

Rise of the Artificial Lifeform Series

Future RolePlay's

Forum:RP: Night of Infinity

Status with Wiki Users

it acts as a meter, the higher you are, the more of an Ally you are, the lower you are, the more of an Enemy


Ryushusupercat ("sister")

KPZSR1 ("brother", Tied with Ryu))

ShimatheHedgehog (good ally)

Sharnathehedgehog (very good ally, and talented artist)

Hunter1034 (I like his back stories, and style)

Vampire93 (an Explosive Maniac, I like it!)

SunnytheHedgehog (a girl who's as crazy as me)

Lord Shift (Always Friendly)

NerotheHedgehog (very good ally)

Cloverfang ( a girl who's as evil as me, Muahahahaha!)

TwilightWizard0309 (a guy who makes the most original characters I've seen)

KittheCat (good ally)

Tomemaster (good ally)

Genesjs (Really Nice Characters)

Kagimizu (good ally)





Kinomi 'Sapphire' The Hedgehog








  • I have yet to make a single Character whose a Hedgehog or Echidna
  • The Claw Saga I orignally created started back in the year 2000
  • I can watch a bloodshed without looking away (infact, I smile when watching them)
  • My Favorite Author is Edgar Allen Poe, but most of you could already guess that due to my Horror Themed Characters

Other Wikia's I work on

Legend of Claw Fanon Wikia (Founder)

Zelda Fanon Wikia

Custom Spyro Wikia (the Spyro Fanon Wikia)

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