aka Celestia, Keira, or Skye.

  • I live in Nocturne Forest
  • I was born on April 21
  • My occupation is Hero Mobian
  • I am Female

Moved to the account: Skye The White Wolf

Full List Of Characters:

~ Heroes, Anti-Heroes, and Neutral Good:

- Team Xtar:

  1. Celestia The Wolf
  2. Dusk The Wolf
  3. Kaiira The Fox

- Team Nightshade X:

  1. Kagiru The Hedgehog
  2. Keira The Winged Hedgehog a.k.a Keira Reborn
  3. Mystira The Hedgecat
  4. Siegfried The Siberian Tiger
  5. Brutus/Buster The Shark
  6. Jewel The Parrot
  7. Scorch The Dark Lion

- Team Ultrike Z:

  1. Clouder The Snow Leopard
  2. Hexknight The Fox
  3. Soul The Dire Wolf
  4. Cairo The Cheetah
  5. Amber The Dog
  6. Torpedo The Shark
  7. Poisonfang The Snake
  8. Sparkle The Dolphin

- Team Rebelic:

  1. Flame The Eagle
  2. Skyscar The Griffin
  3. Nikomi Flame

- Team Extinct:

  1. Flakoro The Archangel Dragon
  2. Sulfur The Phoenix
  3. Veckron The Raptor
  4. Zappos The Utahraptor
  5. Heilos The Serpent

- Team Explora Quest:

  1. Arcina The Mink
  2. Astrid The Raccoon
  3. Cyra The Archer
  4. Vera The Wolf

- Team Quadruple Trouble:

  1. Scar The Dog
  2. Vieo The Porcupine
  3. Quivar The Wingless Dragon
  4. Shingo The Ninja

- Team Spirit:

  1. Spirit/Azera The Jackal
  2. Icaru The Marten
  3. Hikarune The Tanooki

- Individuals:

  1. Scarlett The Hedgefox
  2. Zyscar The Chameleon
  3. Ixora the Echidna
  4. Raigo The Bat
  5. Valune The Lycalo
  6. Kreon Nitrix

~ Villains:

  • Shadow Deimos
  • Mercurius The Shapeshifter
  • Arkane 'Kane' Stormwind
  • Daemorus The Undead


If I leave this wiki, I'll still be on another wiki, called Sonic Fan Characters Wiki, a.k.a SFCW. After I leave, none, I repeat, none of my characters are allowed to be adopted, nor put up for adoption. Unless I choose the ones I don't want anymore to give away. Please guys, I find it annoying for someone to just take my characters away. They are a part of me, and mean a lot to me too, so don't just take them away, and use them for only yourself!! ">_> I shall hunt you down for that!! Grrr....

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