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Aquila taking flight

Welcome to my page! I am CarrietheCat, after the first Sonic character I ever really made - Carrie the Cat! My sister is ShelatheWolf, also a user on this wiki. So, some of our characters and stories do overlap, like the fact that my character, Carrie the cat, is best friends with her character, Sunburst the Hedgehog. We're also going to make some of our fan fics together. I am also BlossomingRosebud on, which has some of my other stories and characters. By the way, Merry Christmas (or whatever other holiday it may be right now)!!!

My pages

Character Profiles

Carrie the Cat

Aquila the Eagle

Sara-su the Echidna

Fan Fiction Stories

If You Want to Soar... (part 1)

If You Want to Soar... (part 2)

If You Want to Soar... (part 3)

Quest for the Golden Fleece

Return of Murasia

Other Stuff

Here are a few of my Sonic fan vids:


Tails - You've Got a Friend in Me

A tribute to Tails, one of my favorite characters!


Sonic Girls - Sunshine Girl by Britt Nicole


Sonic & friends - Bring It On


Sonic & Friends - Live Out Loud.wmv