Burpy's dream

aka Storm the Buizel

  • I live in Washington state, USA
  • I was born on July 24
  • My occupation is None right now
  • I am Male

Heyo! I am Burpy's dream, but you can call me Burpy if you want to! I am an American Sonic nerd, lel, and I really love the Archie Comics(I ain't touchin' the Fleetway Comics). I have had my fanfictions, The Legend of Fox the Brave, for a while now. I've been on Quotev(under the same username I have here, just with a capital D) for about two years now, and I'm always coming up with ideas to put into stories.

Though my profile pic has something different, I'm a MASSIVE fan of the Pokemon Greninja, and I take my love very seriously. XP

I'm also an avid music lover. My all-time favorite songs are Linkin Park's A Light that Never Comes, Imagine Dragons' On Top of the World, and Waterflame's Endgame, though I also really like MercyMe's Shake and This Life, and Flawless holds a special place in my heart.


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