aka Leo, Blazing, Leopard, Michael

  • I live in Southern England
  • I was born on September 11
  • My occupation is Professional Ginger
  • I am a leopard. And I'm also on fire. Halp.
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User Page!

Current Status

Thoughts: Jeez... Never thought that I'd see an official Sonic character more edgy than Shadow.

Current Signature: "Chief, eat your broccoli." "Negative, Infinity. I don't like it." 22:43, December 26, 2015 (UTC)

Current User Page Music: Theme of Infinite, the edgiest Sonic character to have lived - Sonic Forces


About Me
Michael (IRL), BlazingLeopard (Username for literally everything.)
Roughly 5'9"
England, UK
Where to find me
Here, YouTube, Skype: Blazing Leopard
Titles I currently hold
• Supreme Leader of Gingekind

• The Only European Chat Mod

• Champion for the Hello Kitty: Apron of Magic MLG Pro Circuit 2069

Hai! I'm Leopard, if you haven't noticed already. So you wish to know more about me, huh? Very well. I'm some random ginger kid from the UK for a start, so I think that's important to note that I follow GMT and BST (GMT+1) I also like coffee. You take my coffee, you die simple as that (jk, I'm too nice to kill you. Or am I...?).

I also play video games. A lot of video games. Maybe a little too much? Anyways, I play games like Halo, Gears of War, Mass Effect and Sonic. Notice something weird about that list? I don't. I'm also not religious and religion is a touchy subject so I'll move on. I don't particularly like watching movies or TV shows, but I do enjoy music. But not the music you enjoy. The music you enjoy sucks.

In terms of the wiki itself, I like to help out as much as I can and all the people on here are cool in my books. Unless they break the rules. Then they're slightly less cool. I'm also a chat moderator, which basically means that if you have any problems in chat, either with people or just have general questions, I'll always be happy to assist. Well, if I'm here that is. I've kind of built up a track record of going on random breaks. But yeah, that's me. There's stuff I'm proud of (and some stuff I'm not) listed below, so have a look if you want. :D

When You'll Find Me

These are just guidelines. Sometimes I may or not be available due to certain reasons. If you need me at all, send me a message and I'll reply as soon as I can.

Schedule All times in GMT/BST
Monday 10am - 10pm
Tuesday 12am - 8pm
Wednesday 12pm - 8pm
Thursday 12pm -8pm
Friday 12pm - 8pm
Saturday 12pm - 8pm
Sunday 5pm - 10pm

Friends List

Please take note that this list is unfinished so if I missed you off the list, that's why. Just give me a shout and I'll add you on.

Any names in italics means that they are currently inactive on the wiki.


  • Mantis - One of my first friends on here. We share similar interests, he makes awesome content and is just generally a cool guy.
  • Crim - Again, one of my first friends here. If I remember correctly, we became friends while RPing.
  • Kenny - A good friend and makes awesome tunes. It's a shame we don't speak much.
  • Fro - A good friend and a cool guy to hang around with in chat.
  • Blake - I am the Locus to his Felix. XD
  • Will - A fellow Brit and generally a cool guy all 'round.


  • Akri - A pretty funny guy in my opinion. We don't talk much but I cannot deny how much he's done for the wiki.
  • Saren - We talk sometimes. He's a cool guy and from the looks of things, likes Mass Effect.
  • Skull - If I remember correctly, Skull is the person who nominated me for Chat Mod, so yeah, I respect the guy a lot.
  • Monk - The first person to even talk to me on the wiki. Maybe if I'd have spoken more in my early days here, we'd be better acquainted, even friends maybe.
  • Flash - We've talked a little bit. He likes RWBY, I like RWBY. Seems like a cool guy.


Note: Dates are Day/Month/Year.
  • 08/01/2014 - 1000 EDITS! - MY LIFE IS COMPLETE.
  • 20/02/2014 - Became a Chat Mod.
  • 02/04/2014 - Succeeded in completing my own RP. With some help of course. :)
  • 05/08/2014 - 2000 EDITS! - FINALLY!
  • 26/08/2014 - Survived an entire year! :D
  • 01/09/2014 - Nominated for Featured User for six consecutive months. Didn't win any of them, but I still consider it an achievement. :D
  • 25/05/2015 - Got an article featured on Article Spotlight!
  • 20/07/2015 - 3000 EDITS! - That took WAY too long.
  • 24/08/2015 - I got Best Fanfiction! :D
  • 24/08/2015 - That same fanfic also made history by getting no votes! :D
  • 26/08/2015 - WHOO! TWO YEARS! XD
  • 25/10/2015 - Got another article featured on Article Spotlight!
  • 01/11/2015 - Spectre won Feature Article! :D
  • 07/12/2015 - An early Christmas present! I got yet another article in the spotlight.
  • 19/02/2016 - The Firestorm Gem won 'Best Fanfiction' in the SFW Winter Awards 2016 (plus a few runner-ups)! :D
  • 31/05/2016 - 4000 EDITS! - Hey, guess what? I don't edit much. But YAY!
  • 26/08/2016 - Three years! Time flies. :D

Trivia and Bonus Stuff

  • I am ginger and I'm more awesomer than you because of it.
  • I am currently 18 years of age.
  • I play lots and lots of video games. Mostly on Xbox.
  • Despite how I portray myself on the interwebs, in real life, I'm quite shy.
  • Because of this, I unwillingly speak quietly as well.
  • I'm extremely strict with what I do with my money.
  • I have a very long history with the Xbox brand. So, I'm kinda extremely loyal to it.
  • However, I do not think that many other consoles are bad. Except for the PS3. It's quite bad in my opinion.
  • If I start talking about Halo, it's going to take a lot of hard work to get me to shut up.
  • Once I get to know people, I will open up to them more.
  • I hate being told that I'm wrong without being given a way in which I can improve. It really, really p***** me off. So don't do it.
  • I'm generally a very happy person.
  • Kinda weird too.
  • Not meaning to brag or anything, but I own all of the main Xbox Sonic titles. They are as follows: Heroes, Shadow, 06, Unleashed and Generations. I didn't buy the piece of crap Kinect game.
  • For me, snow is a no-go.
  • I love badass guitar solos.
  • I tend to swear a lot when playing video games. That's amplified by ten times when I'm stressed or tired.
  • If I type in all lowercase and somewhat incorrectly, I'm goofin' around.
  • I'm a pretty big Rooster Teeth fan and have been since about Season 5 of Red vs Blue.
  • I actually didn't like RWBY until mid-way through Volume 1. Just couldn't get into it and I dunno why.
  • My favourite characters from RT are Caboose and Coco from Red vs Blue and RWBY respectively. I mean, c'mon. How can you not love an idiot with an assault rifle which has an auto-targeting system in it and a bada** chick with a handbag-minigun thing?

Some Game Series/Franchises I'm Into

(In order of interest)

  • Halo - Basically grew up with this game.
  • Overwatch - Apart from the stereotypical British accent (looks at Tracer), this game is phenomenal.
  • Gears of War - The story and characters are brilliant. Also, chainsaw assault rifles.
  • Ori - Not only is it beautiful, both in terms of story and art design, it's also fun to play.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog - This varies based on the game.
  • Ratchet & Clank - Played ToD, but wasn't an owner of a PlayStation until the PS4, so I've only played ToD and the reboot. Both of which are masterpieces.
  • Mass Effect - Andromeda kinda killed it for me, but the original trilogy was fantastic.
  • The Elder Scrolls - Very fun and immersive. Oblivion is my favourite.
  • SoulCalibur - Hands down, best fighting game. What other fighting series has both Darth Vader and Spawn in it?
  • Crackdown - GTA, but you're the good guys on super-steroids so I like it.
  • Deus Ex - The story is so in-depth and interesting. A lot about the Illuminati
  • Oddworld - Again, it's the characters. I love Abe, Munch and Stranger.
  • Mortal Kombat - Fatalities and X-Rays. That's all that needs to be said.


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