Bita. I enjoy being a member here at sonic fanon wiki and i'm sure i don't know how to do stuff around here due to


the fact that i'm practicly new here and don't much about making a professinnal page so i'm hope i'll learn and get the hang of editing.

(And don't worry, I'm not accidentally vandalizing anyone's pages anymore. I learned my lesson in March 2010.~Sorry about that everyone. Reason was: I was a Newbie who didn't know what I was doing.)

2012: Bita's Universe/RockStarrMusicLover'sWorld

I am going back to high school and my time editing will be limited, so I and my BFF, User:RockStarrMusicLover will collaborate my project and her project together into a pseudo-universe so we could help each other out!

2012-2016: Indefinite Haitus


I'm back and I'm so glad to be back. It's been a wild trip since I committed to school and on top of that, my parents decided to move me through nine different cities in less than 5 years! What sucked the most is that most of the cities I lived in were scarce on Internet. My parents couldn't even afford Internet so I had to rely on free Wi-Fi whenever I could. In the mean time, I buckled down on my schoolwork whilst secretly brainstorming new ideas for my Fanfiction.

Personal Information


Age:21 (15 1/2 when I first started my fanfiction)

Born: November,3,1995

Location: Stanfield,Oregon.

Current residents at my home: Me and my Mother

Description: Dark Brown Hair (Auburn in sunlight cause, I'm a natural redhead),Blue eyes affected with Heterochromia. (Dubbed as "Chameleon Eye Color" because they ALWAYS change), Porcelain (china doll-like) skin.




Hot Cheetos


Neopolitan Ice Cream

All kinds of Soda



Cheese (Especially Cheddar!!)




Green Tea

Instant Carnation Breakfast Eccentials

Ice-Cream Cake.

Popular Teen Culture

All kinds of music

Lady Gaga

Katy Perry

Lady Antebellum

Chris Daughtry

Linkin Park

Green Day

American Idiot


Snoop Dogg


Britney Spears


The Pussycat Dolls (PCD)

Gwen Stefani

Nicki MinaJ



The Black Eyed Peas

Now That's What I Call Music! (U.S Series) (Numbers 35-42...Still collecting)

Television Sitcoms

Two and a Half Men

Family Guy

American Dad!

The Simpsons

MTV Channel

BET Channel

VH1 Channel

National Geographic Channel

TLC Channel

Animal Planet Channel

Lost Tapes

Whale Wars

I Shouldn't be Alive

Food Channel

MTV2 Channel

History Channel

Spike Channel

1000 Ways To Die (Favorite Shockumentry)

Behind the Music

The Gaga-Thon (Aired May 19 2011 in promotion of Born This Way)

106 & Park

Everybody Hates Chris

Silent Library

More Coming Soon!


A black pitbull puppy


My Persona is Chlois "Chloe" the hedgehog.

Great Achievements In Life

Sunday, November 06 2011

Me and my Mother fulfilled our wish of getting baptized at the local Catholic church on Sunday.

At church,we adopted a child from Asia named Natalie (Born: Nathawan PhooMarin, my new little sister! )(Born:Jan,16,2006)

Also celebrating my Sixteenth Birthday with an Ice-Cream Cake!

Interesting facts about me

  • 1.I have a HUGE family.(My Great-Grandma had 14 children and each kid had 7 kids and so on...)
  • 2.i have a disability that can be found in over ten-hundred people: Autisim.(True fact!)
  • 3.My Fersona/Sonic character is Chlois the Hedgehog.
  • 4. The characters Miles "Tails Prower,Cream the rabbit,Vanilla the rabbit, Espio the Chamelon & Liza the Chamelon are all characters from existing media. Salma and Juanita (Espio's daughters) are in the universe,only their names are spelled differently,(Example:Selma/Salma,Juanita,Juarez).
  • 5. Like my Persona, Chlois the Hedgehog,i have an odd allergy to some type of Dish Soap,resulting in the skin of my hands and feet sliding off like an peeling an orange.(Gross,Weird and True!)
  • 6. I've been a Sonic fan since the age of five when i watched The Adventures of Sonic The Hedgehog on Saturday mornings.
  • 7. I'm on sites,Facebook,Twitter and
  • 10. I have a phobia of Spiders,Scorpions,Worms,The Dark,and Ghosts.
  • 11. I didn't like most horror movies before cause' they freaked me out,now i like watching Ghost Stories and The Haunting.
  • 12. I suffer from Iron-Deficiency Anemia (my body severely lacks iron and side effects come with it! Currently trying to find some source of vitamins and iron)
  • 14. I have a dead-beat father who did drugs,has never been in my life because he went to prison and this new year's 2012,he tried to kill me and my mother,i had to call the police and he's been on the run ever since!
  • 15. I have a step-brother (age:9),a elder half-brother (age:16) and a younger half-brother (age:5) and two younger half-sisters who've been given up for adoption and they are from my dad's side.
  • 16. My mother suffered from bone cancer,heart attacks and intestinal problems and now currently suffers high blood pressure,heart problems,lung cancer and is post-diabetic ,sadly!

Celebrity Crushes

  • Adam Levine (lead singer of Maroon 5) (Born:March,18 1979)
  • Ashley Benson (pretty little liars actress)(Born:december,18 1989) (first girl crush)
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