Hey! I'm a big time sonic fan ever since I was a little kid. The 1st sonic game I ever played was Sonic Advance, and from there, I got more interested in sonic and soon played most of the games in the series. I am also known as Firestyle on yoyogames and other game sites and themegajord on youtube. I create all sorts of games as a hobby. Feel free to look me up and check out some of my games.

Mood: Eager (to continue RPs)

Status: Online


Roleplay: Odyssey

Plan on making this my biggest Rp yet. This RP will be long and interesting, full of twists and surprises, and will allow for many characters to test their mettle against powerful villains.

Roleplay: Duplicity

A roleplay I plan on doing in the future. The plot involves the sudden appearance of a doppleganger, who procededs to cause trouble in the lives of the residents of Mobius.

Roleplay: Harmonius Discord

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Youtube account:

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Favourite Characters:

Knuckles the Echidna

Shadow the Hedgehog

Sonic the Hedgehog

Silver the Hedgehog

Miles "Tails" Prower


Power/Battle Ratings:

SS - God-like, un-beatable

S - Extremely powerful and God-like, but beatable under certain circumstances

AA - Extremely powerful, but just beatable

A - Very powerful, yet beatable

BB - Powerful, but still beatable and matchable

B - Power a bit above average. Still formidable

CC - Power slightly above average

C - Average power

DD - Just below average

D - Poor/ Weak

Character - power rating


Banzai the Monkey - B (Normal), BB (Gestalt forms), A (super form)

Beat the Cat - CC

Paroi the Guardian - BB or A

Shendo the Herald - CC

Wes the Unknown - B

Levi the Levarian - C

Kleft the Wevahetian - BB

Ibara the Blussoran - BB (Normal), A or AA (Delta Force)

Soshiro the Bahamuran - BB (Normal), AA (Delta Force)

Ciel - D


Chimera the Forsaken - A


V the Enigma - S

Velious Wester - Between S and SS

Marz - AA

Lucian - B (Normal), A (Delta Force)

Gem and Eli - BB (Normal), AA (Delta Force)

Kasumi - A (Normal), AA (Delta force)


LaniatusLaniatus, Goddess of Harmony - SS

Nemesis, the God of Chaos - SS

Favourite Sonic Games:

Sonic Adventure 2

Sonic 3 & Knuckles

Sonic Colors

Sonic Unleashed


Add yourself if you want to be friends :)

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Smash the Echidna




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