Asaf 03

aka Asaf Artico Mendes

  • I live in Brazil
  • I was born on September 6
  • I am Male

Hello friends! My name is Asaf 03, but you can call me here in this wiki Asaf The Fox!

My first passion for games was when I played Sonic Heroes, there I was hooked on Sonic and his games! Since then, whenever I have a passion for Sonic and whenever a new game comes out, I run to buy!

My favorite character is the Tails, why he can fly, identifies quite me (Smart, Inventor, Best friend) and he's my age. Whenever I choose a character in the Sonic games choose Tails. I also like Knuckles and Shadow, I think they should focus more on these two.

I hope you enjoy my work in the Wiki! Already written a few articles that I'm still editing as Sonic Dash 2, Sonic Heroes 2: Hedgehog Quest and a few others.

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