A Winterlynx is an extremely powerful and dangerous feline within the Winterlynx Tundra. The Winterlynx can take control over the chilling gale that dominates the tundra, and has very powerful ice moves. In addition to this, it's fangs and claws are razor sharp, and it's long tail can fire ice-spikes at those it sights. Though covered in fur so icy it has become an armor, two faintly glowing yellow eyes are still as keen as any cat's.

Winterlynx are, though extremely rarely, trained as mounts. To do this, one must take a Winterlynx kitten, survive the tundra and angry winterlynx, and then work extremely hard to train the kitten right. Tigero keeps one Winterlynx as a companion within his palace.

Winterlynx fur is prized for certain items, and it's not that hard to get. When a Winterlynx sheds it coat of ice armor, a whole bunch of it's fur comes off too. It then sleeps in it's cave to let a new fur coat and ice armor develop. Thus, winterlynx fur is spread trhoughout the tundra, though it is hard to spot. Sleet has Winterlynx gloves.

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