Tigero human

Human Tigero by Celest.

Tigero is a pure-red Tigeroan Cat with fire powers. He is the ruler of Tigeroa. He is also my fursona. Tigero is the same entity as Elven Tigero.

Tigero is freindly, and cares greatly for his freinds. he tends to get hotheaded if someone insults or attacks his freinds.

Tigero is 14 years old physically. His chronological age has been warped. A streak of red fur covers his right eye.


Tigero was any other cat at first, but had an extreme mental power, which linked up to an endless imagination. Therefore, he let all his ideas out and became well-known, but was still shadowed by major scientists. He did'nt mind, but the idea and plans kept coming, and he eventually got bigger than them. One of them got angry and attempted an assassination, but along with mental prowess, Tigero's natural agility was drastically boosted throughout and kind of self-training, and though comparatively thin, packed power behind his punches, especially his kicks. That and his skill with the sabre saved him. There is little he can't do with a well-made saber of Tigeroan Steel in his paws.

After awhile, he conquered all the barbarian tribes of the island continent, named it and it's inhabitants, and with some close freinds, built the City Of Tigeroa right in the center. He now rules it with a kind paw, but firm, fair laws. Despite this, he just checks a "request box" occasioanally, and mostly goes out adventuring.

He occasionally uses fiery blades beneath his feet [not wheels]

Super Form: Blazing Tigero

His fur becomes covered in volatile glowing lava, and his pyrokinetics skyrocket. He becomes slightly larger than usual, and his fur arches up. His eyes also becomes volatile lava. His claws extend.

Super Form: Bloodfyre Tigero

In this form, bloody fire, a strange combination of the two, cover shis fur. Two long blades of the stuff shear out from his elbows. His eyes are dark red. He is very dangerous in this form.


He is a veteran trainer, and is skilled in trading, raising, training, and exploring with, poke'mon. He constantly seeks ways to use attacks or completely new attacks.

Tigero's Poke'mon

Charcoal the Leafeon [Fire/grass type Delta pokemon. lvl 25]
Leafeon RQ


Chirpy the staraptor [from pokemon diamond game, lvl 100.]

Electiger the electabuzz [again, from diamond game. also lvl 100]

Electail the luxray [diamond, lvl 80]

Startail the shinx [diamond, lvl 20]

Psymeow the espeon [from pokemon xd:gale of darkness. lvl 100]

Evolveo the eevee [from platinum, lvl 40]

Goldfeather the shiny sneasel [a pink with gold feathers sneasel. diamond. lvl 75]

Chompy the shiny muchlax [just a brighter blue. diamond, lvl 5]

Ghostwing the Giratina [diamond. lvl 90]

Shimmertail the Milotic [diamond, lvl 100]

NaTom the Shiny Ninjask [diamond, got from a trade, lvl 100]

Team for Project S.P.A. Roleplay:










[He's made a freind of nearly everyone he meets.]


Oregit [just his name backwards. Though not his anti-mobius counterpart, he may as well be, for what he is]


Taltivair [in poke'mon]

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