His favored flight form-Shaymin!

The Shapeshifter is a being who can take on any shape

No-one knows his original shape.

A sort of history/description

The Shapeshifter is a secretive person who commands the utmost powerful shapeshifting abilities. Even if he is not concentrating on a specific person or species, he can still change his gender,species,color, and everything else about him. he can even change into items and buildings [though this is harder] When he concentrates on one person and transforms into that person, he loses all previous abilities [except shapeshifting] and gets every capability, memory [though to copy memory down takes extreme tolls] and move that person has. He also turns into thier exact gender,color,species,and even voice. He once used this to escape eggman, pretending to be a robot that was put in his cage after he "escaped".

He stays up in his Holt until he's called. He only carries out a mission that requires his abilities if paid in food,money, or something else he accepts, as he refuses to provide for himself, preferring to earn himself things through offering his abilities to others.

He prefers the Eevee evolutions, and constantly takes the form of Vaporeon to go swimming, or Shaymin to fly.

When he takes a species form or creates a form for himself, his personality is cunning, upbeat, and ever ready to survive what happens next. He always prospects at a chance for a new job, unless he is tired, in wich case he will probably shapeshift into Leafeon or Vaporeon and take a small vacation somewhere. He is suspected to be keeping all the loot that Heavire has gained over the years, though those who have tried eithr never returned or did'nt return the same.





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