Spliance is a specially-colored fox. a gray zigzag splits down his middle, and where there is black on one side of him, there will be white on the other and vice versa. He is an equal balance of Light and Dark energy.

He has the ability to split into two different beings known as LightDark [or DarkLight, depending on which one you ask]

they can act independently, but can only a few yards from where Spliance was. Spliance can move his spirit when he split, though.

He can also split into those beings, but he himself will still be standing between them. This gives him a numbers advantage, but they are slightly weaker.

Wichever forms he's in, he can still use Light and Dark moves. He is a rampant partier, and can be hard to understand. Some think he's insane, and he usually says that that works to his advantage. He cosntantly replaces nouns and people with food or furniture when talking, and can be infuritaing when trying to get something across to him. Example:

Random person: walks up to spliance.

Splince: look, walking cornbeef!


SPlaince:It talks,too!

person;Hey! That's not very nice!

Spliance: I think that's actually very onion of me, than you potata much!

The only thing known for sure is that he always calls Wolfgang a couch.

and it all goes downhill from there.




The Dalewinds



Anyone who calls themselves "ultimate beings". He is always overeager to say otherwise and prove it. His fighting style is specially tailored for this, as are his moves. He doesn't try to start fights, but they usually break out because "ultimates" will try to defend thier pride.



INSPIRATION: the band known as the presidents of the united states of america

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