Spaciacat Relic

The Spaciacat Relic, held in it's lock.

are a variety of cats that have Palkia's wings on thier back. They have many spacial abilities, and take care of any minor spacial problems that crop up.

Normally Palkia itself would do this, but Palkia has to take care of the Poke'mon. And what with everybody playing havoc with this place's dimensions and space, Palkia charged these cats with fixing it. If you glimpse something catlike when messing with space, it's likely a Spaciacat fixing the rip you created.

There are 5 known species, just the same as the Temporacats;

  • Spaciatabby = Atk based
  • Spaciapersian = Sp. atk based
  • Spaciasiamese = Def based
  • Spaciangora = Sp. Def based
  • Spaciacalico = Speed based

Each one has a slightly different way to manipulate spacial energy, stat-based.

Most of them know Spacial Rend early on. They will viciously strike at intruders, good or evil, and are known for challenging permitted visitors to a safe fight. They build their temples anywhere that fits the way they do things.

The current leader is a Spaciasiamese named Sai'Vyr. His mission is to map every place there is. This is possible for him, since he's a Spaciacat.

Another known Spaciacat is Vys'Kael, who runs a Poke'mon center at Felinus Port.

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