� Shadrys is a gray male Shadesian who lives in the underground. He is known for his ability to absorb items in the underground, and use thier power. He runs a chance shop in the underground, in wich you put one treasure in [or a sphere of 50 size or greater] and one random treasure will be given to you


Shadrys began life without knowledge of his Shadesian status, and lived like a normal Tigeroan persian for 25 years, though he� is not of Tigeroan heritage. He was born long before even the acorn kingdom.� He discovered his Shadesian abilities during his work in the underground, fading into a particularly dark spot in a narrow passage. He now lives in the Underground,� absorbing everstones to keep from dying of age.

he is optimistic and loves chance. He always perfectly keeps an aura of shady mystery around him and where he leaves his mark.





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