Seritak Misara is a male Tigeroan Felivariel cat, with dark-green and black fur. His wings are crimson, and that's because he's slowly bleeding from every feather. He is a failed expirement by DAS to be the ultimate hybrid, and because of the many hybrids grafted into him, he can chance into countless things. His name is supposed to mean "sent misery", as DAS "sent" him to cause misery. He is a failed expirement because he has free will, and DAS wants him dead.

As he was created, and not born, he has only one life, and it's mortal, unlike other Tigeroans.


He's never very happy, and tends to choke his words talking about his "creation phase". He will, however, vanish from the world in a pile of books, able to memorize everything he reads perfectly.





INSPIRATION: Band called "Journey"

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