Reversiocat Relic

The Reversiocat relic, held in it's lock.

are a species of cat with Giratina's wings on their backs, complete with claws. They work for Giratina in fixing the reverse dimensions in Mobius (such as the Reverse Zone. Their job is somewhat easier than the other legend-cats (Temporacats, Spaciacats, and Arceucats) as not many people even know of the reverse dimensions.

Just as with the others, there are five species;

  • Reversiotabby = Atk based
  • Reversiosiamese = Def based
  • Reversiocalico = Sp.Atk based
  • Reversioangora = Sp.Def based
  • Reversiopersian = Speed based

Their shrines and temples are somewhat harder to find, always in those places your brain continually tells you has nothing in it of interest. Their temple complex, however, is right next to the others where it should be. Like the others, they relentlessly attack intruders, and have been known to offer friendly battles to those allowed inside. The current leader is a Reversiocalico named Tryv'Ryk [notice that the Tempora and Spaciacat leaders have names the reverse of each other. The same is true for the Reversio and Arceucats.]

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