True name: Obschakar

Obsidain is an obsidian-colored echidna with lots of hard bumps on his gloves. His dreadlocks point straight forward, and veins of obsidian run through him. a stone-shaped brown mark is on his middle chest and middle back.

History and Description

Obsidain has power over anything with even a trace of obsidian in it. he can even cover himself in it and virtually become a moving statue, albeit an extremely tough one, due to obsidian's very hard properties.

up until recently, he slept in a cave [one of those typical eternal-sleep thingys]. he was recently awoken by a sonic boom[guess who?] breaking the rocks around him.

he has a drumset he can summon, and he is extremely skilled in it, able to play it with his eyes closed throughout even the most complicated songs. He also equips the drumset with pop-out wheels, meaning he can play n' stray.

He loves battling, as he can beat down opponents with his abilitys easily. he can summon obsidian out of nowhere, but it will disappear when he stops concentrating on it. his gloves are also made for smashign things, and he has a good endurance, and if all else fails, he simply covers himself in obsidian and becomes invincible to most physical attacks, and a collection of magical ones as well. fire does nothing, although frost will cover him, it wil only add to his armor.

He is currently working on finding a jewel which he hopes will give him a new form ability. He already has one...

Super Form: Rage Obsidain

This form, is actually kind of easy to access, as Obsidain is very easily infuriated. His fur turns red, and so do his eyes. His dreadlocks cover his entire body, and complete control of obsidian or any mineral related to it is granted, and he has a large amount of magidrain obsidian at his disposal like this [magidrain obsidian is pretty self-explanatory]



Leparis [they almost always work together in songs]


Any girls he has his attention on.



INSPIRATION: The band named Aerosmith.

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