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Mvyvr is a gray Tigeroan cat who has devoted his life to studying every creature there is. He is slightly thinner than an average Tigeroan, which is already thin enough. He is not quite bone-thin, however.

he lives up in Catilklae Hills, in a small,tall home. bookshelves make up most of it, as well as a work desk and a bed with papers and a light in case he thinks of something during his sleep. several storage stacks also abound in his home.

He will always try to be kind to what he's studying, but when something trys to fight him, he usually just leaves and comes back when it's asleep. He normally uses simple tests using particular objects and feeling with extremely sensitive hands, though only when he really needs it, he might resort to mechanical means. He does not trust machines and other engineered things,however.


so far he has studied:


Dragon [all execpt the metallic types]


Astral Bird



Kaetievyz Bird


CURRENTLY STUDYING:Cross-breed Bardinals.

He is considiring hiring an apprentice, but he has been reluctant becuase whoever continues his work must have the perfect set of mind for it. So far, no one he's met meets his specifications.

If desperate, he has a special tail ring that floats near his tailtip, slowly rotating around one point on his tail. It has four gems.

his blue gem allows him to enter Spirit Form with it, meaning he becomes Ethereal, and though unable to harm or be harmed, can enter others and take over if his mental strength is greater. In this form, his whiskers,ears,tail, and feet get longer [feet look like Mew's in this case.] his arms get a little longer, and spirit ribbons flow behind him.

The green gem allows him to enter gaurdian form, in which he becomes a large,vicious beast. his whole body triples in size, and his fangs,claws,and tail grow. He gains lots of power, but it drains tons of energy. He only does this to protect endangered animals or places, or to keep nature from harm.

there are 2 other gems on his tail ring, but thier purpose hasn't been revealed


Raeverai and Raeserai

The Treidyv feather of Bardinals and Kaetievyz Birds

The Synchrotail Troupe

The Roygbiv Band. [a troupe of scarlet macaws]


anyone threatening nature or someone who has made or will make some life form extinct


INSPIRATION: I wanted someone who studies animals

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