Hyliaris is a light-furred leopard, with light rings. She wears a flowing dancer's dress, white with gold trim. She also wears a quiver and longbow, as well as a small amethyst tailring


Hyliaris has always lived in Tigeroa with her brother, Termaris.

Hyliaris is hyper-energetic, and always looking for fun. (when not getting into a fight with her brother). She can be a little hotheaded, and she puts a lot pf pride into her dancing skills. This pride certainly belongs, however, as she is an expert. She is often optimistic, often failing to see how something really is a bad side to things. She is a little flirtatious, but not to any great degree.



Termaris [brother]

Leparis [brother]




INSPIRATION:If you look closely, it resembles the Zelda series, "Hylian"

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