Dragairo is a tan weasel with spiked gloves and boots and long whiskers with a crooked tail.

Dragairo is a savage fighter, and battling is all he cares about. His past is shrouded in a mist of thousands of battles in millions of coliseums.

Most of the time, he lounges around, trying hard to get into fights. His wounds never last long, as he is a naturally quick healer, and most of the time, it's the other person with wounds.

He can use both Rage Energy and Harmelo Magic, and his punches are extremely powerful.

Forms: Eclipse/Harmelo Dragairo: Attained through Harmelo Magic. His eyes go blank, save for a solar eclipse inside them. his whiskers and tail extends, and his fur goes black. This form has two names, and may be referred to as either.

Friends and Foes





INSPIRATION: the band known as savage garden

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