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  • I live in a galaxy far,far away
  • My occupation is a Ninja
  • I am A GIRL!!!!!

Just to let you All know! ^_^ I'm More on Sonic News Network now! ^_^ I'm not doing this Wiki anymore. When I first came here NO ONE was nice to me But User:Lightning2315. I only known some nice people here. All my true friends are on other Wikis and I've got my own Wiki to worry about anyway. and ALL OF MY FAN CHARACTERS PAGES CAN NOT BE EDITED BY ANYONE! Nice meeting you guys! ^_^

About Me.

Pokemon Girl
Amy, Girl (by boys... I don't like it!)

Hi My Name is AmyRoseLove!

I'm 13!

I'm from the U.S.A.

I like to Draw Manga and Sonic the Hedgehog Character!

I'm a Big Fan of Sonic the Hedgehog!

I Love Sonic the Hedgehog Games!

Shadow the Hedgehog is My Favorite! Shadow is AWESOME!

I have a lot of fan characters!

I also like to make Animations on a Website called Sketch Star! here is a link to my animations

Wiki's I'm part of.

  1. Sonic News Network Wik (I'm more on this Wiki)
  2. Kirby Wiki
  3. Pokemon Wiki
  4. Mario Fanon Wiki
  5. Harry Potter Wiki
  6. Final Fantasy Wiki
  7. Mario Wiki
  8. Metroid Wiki
  9. Metroid Fanon Wiki

Page's I Made on this Wiki.

  1. Dead Elise
  2. Sonic Doom 3DS
  3. Dead Chip
  4. Peach the Cat
  5. Mario the Hedgehog
  6. Lily the Cat
  7. Mareach
  8. SilvLily
  9. Psychic Lily
  10. Bell the Rabbit

My Roleplays

  1. Roleplay: No Where


Add your name if you think of me like a friend.

My Best Friends.

My Gallery.

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