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name. jake
gender. n.b masc
pronouns. he/xe/wolf+

About me

Hi what's up I'm Jake, I'm currently 20 years old and I've been here for basically... not forever but almost quite there. I've been here for basically almost a decade, so I'm one of the few oldies on this wiki. Although I must say, I am way different now than I was a little kid so if you ever saw that old side of me, I am very sorry about that. 

But aha anyways times have changed haven't they?! I really love to draw and write, and I really enjoy making characters for interests that I like! Sonic being one of them. The Sonic franchise is still a huge part of my life because I still love it, even though I haven't played their games lately.

I don't like just Sonic. My other big interests are: Tokyo Revengers, Identity V, Ensemble Stars, Jujutsu Kaisen, Kimetsu no YaibaKemono Jihen, Hypnosis MicPromarePersona 2Persona 3, and Jet Set Radio to name a few.

Don't be afraid to talk to me either! I'm generally the type that doesn't initiate things; I usually would like you to come to me first, unless I feel more confident enough lol. I really want to meet new people to befriend and converse with. 

If you would like to see my art, I'd advise going here.

Fan Characters

See here: List of Characters

My most famous/well known OC is Melissa the Hedgehog. Although one of my newer OCs, Rei the Psionic, has the most awards out of my OCs of all time. And even won Featured Article. Damn.


  • 5 year anniversary of being on this wiki on June 9 2016.
  • 10 year anniversary of being on this wiki on June 9 2021.
  • Rei the Psionic winning Featured Article for June 2017.
  • Becoming Featured User of the Month for January 2018.
    • What a way to start off the year by having me be featured (;
  • Revising Melissa the Hedgehog entirely in 2019.
  • Finally purging and redoing a lot of old characters in 2019.
  • Being here.


I see people doing this so I am just going to say no matter what happens to me, my characters will still belong to me. Even if I get into other things and/or move on in life, Sonic will still be a part of me (with me, my interests tend to be on a back burner so I don't generally lose interest unless the source material is problematic) and I can't let go of my characters.

Even if I don't contribute much edits to the wiki all the time, I still visit very often so I am still here LOL. My characters all have a piece of me in them, whether big or small, and I don't feel comfortable with other people owning them. I do appreciate the sentiment.

I guess all I ask is if I do leave for whatever reason, preserve/archive my pages please.