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Yo, I'm Prince

Art is my passion and I love to draw. Hopefully we can talk some time

I play clarinet, alto sax, and trumpet.

I do requests. Here is the page to do it:

My Characters:

Danni the Bengal (redone) (Alias: Shuku)

LLwellyn the Tabby Cat (does not have a page)

Darcie the Lion (no page)

Katelyn the Bengal (no page)

Aello the Demon: Bringer of droughts and storms (does not have a page)

Laura the Bull (does not have a page)

Scarlet the spider (does not have a page)

Lumillion the Tanooki (does not have a page)

Future Pages to be made:

Gaians (subspecies of Mobians)

All ocs or fcs without pages

WHA (worldwide heroes association)

Roleplays made by yours truly:

Xavis vs. Danni; A fight of two generations!