Ursula the Mongoose is the daughter of Naomi Mongoose and Stave the Hedgehog and older sister of Steven the Hedgehog, granddaughter of Mina Mongoose and Ash Mongoose, niece of Ruby Mongoose and love interest of Greg the Hedgidna. She also leader of Team Gals.

Ursula the Mongoose

Biographical Information
  • Heartless Saga: 8
  • Post-Heartless Saga: 15
  • Unnamed Moebian counterpart
  • Unnamed Col'nesian counterpart
  • Unnamed Solian counterpart
  • Unnamed Gender-switched counterpart
  • Unnamed Dark Mobius counterpart
  • Ursula Williams - Party Dimension counterpart
Romantic InterestsGreg the Hedgidna (future husband)
Physical Description
  • Fur: Yellow
  • Hair: Purple
  • Eyes: Green
  • Denim jacket
  • Dark purple tank-top
  • Black leggings
  • Navy blue skate shoes w/ flame pattern
Political Alignment and Abilities
Weaponry Mace
  • Pyrokinesis
  • Skilled with maces
  • Trained in hand-to-hand combat
  • Trained singer & actor
  • Limited control of healing magic
  • Bears the potential to evolve to a higher form.
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)New World by Charice
Original CreatorFlashfire212 & SallyGirl

Physical Description

Ursula resembles her grandmother Mina to a high degree. Like her grandmother, she is tall and lanky, with little to no fat on her body. However, in the same sort of way, there is limited muscle visible on her frame as well. Small-chested and lithe, Ursula has yellow fur, with a moderate-length amount of purple hair on top of her head. Her green eyes seem to convey a gentle innocence that carries down to her core.


Normally, Ursula wears a denim jacket over a dark purple tank-top, with black knee-length leggings, and a pair of navy blue skate-shoes, emblazoned with a flame design.


Early Life

Ursula was born to Stave the Hedgehog, a traveling cleric, and Naomi Mongoose, the daughter of Mina and Ash, while the couple were courting in New Mobotropolis. Both parents were surprised, but not afraid to accept this, and move in together, where they proved loving parents who married six months later. The smiley baby impressed everyone, including Will and Maddy, friends of her parents. Maddy made a necklace, complete with a music-note charm, which caused the young mongoose to giggle and laugh, a slight ripple of flame forming around her fingers. Stave almost immediately panicked, thinking that Ursula's pyrokinesis hinted that he wasn't the father, but Will laughingly explained that not all children inherited their parents powers, or lack thereof. Some, such as Maddy and himself, simply developed their powers through a specific gene - it was more likely for a child to have the specific gene for a power if a parent had it, but it wasn't unheard of for one to have the gene appear from a different combination. He suggested having a genetic scan, just to make sure. A few months later, after acquiring a sample of her blood, Ronan Windrine, leader of Hammerforge Industries, confirmed that Stave was Ursula's father, and that the young girl also possessed a rarer trait - the potential to evolve, both physically and power-wise. The fox speculated that this could be to a form of physically-altered hedgehog-mongoose hybrid, but aside for that, he had little to say.

Ursula taught herself how to use fire, although Will regularly gave her instruction, in order for her to learn standard techniques instead of making it up as she went, and so by the age of four, she was fast friends with Will and Maddy's youngest child, Greg the Hedgeidna, who posed an interesting sparring partner for her to face, considering his genetic ability and use of electricity. As she grew stronger, she found a natural aptitude for certain attacks and abilities, and Will figured that her evolution was based on her strength level, not the DNA she was exposed to. At Greg's fifth birthday, Ursula, whom had formed a crush on the laid-back and relaxed hedgidna, she admitted she wanted to become a famous singer, dancer, and a champion EX Gear racer, something that Greg simply replied with a smile, and pointed out that she'd always have him to compete with, his ambitions being similar. Her mother, proud of her daughter and knowing of her crush on Greg, enrolled her in lessons soon after she turned six, and from there, Ursula hoped that when she was older, she could catch her friend's eye.

Heartless Invasion

Then came the dark days of the Heartless Invasion. The beast's attack prompted her father, a dedicated healer, to head out to the front lines, in order to help preserve lives against the merciless foe, while Naomi returned to the seas as a member of the Royal Acorn Navy for the first time since her birth, leaving Ursula and her younger brother Steven the Hedgehog with her grandfather, her aunt Ruby Mongoose and her cousins, mixed in with the refugees of the different cities that had fallen. It was there, almost a year later, that she ran into Greg, and found him engulfed in his own desire for revenge against the beasts, his own want to avenge those that had fallen. Try as she might, Ursula couldn't convince her fellow seven-year-old not to, because of his status as a G.U.N. agent, but at the very least, convinced him to protect himself with a kiss, one that carried her true feelings. Greg, now embarrassed, then vanished when a G.U.N. soldier collected him, leaving Ursula alone with her family once again, but this time, she had an urge to help him, and help other people. She began placing pressure on her grandfather and the leaders of the Freedom Fighters Mk. II to let her fight, which were almost always denied until she proved herself, saving her father's life in the process by shattering a Heartless-possessed Mobian's arm with her mace. It is believed that when the timeline was altered, Ursula still fights the Heartless.

Post-Heartless Saga

After the timeline shift, Ursula, a fifteen-year-old, is in high school, and taking dance classes with her best friends, Betty the Hedgefox and Olive the Fox, who are the other two members of their group, Team Gals. Along with Olive's twin brother Brainy the Hare and the insane Crazy the Power Hedgehog, they rival Greg's own group, The Blue Knights. Her feelings for Greg have grown, but luckily, he can't remember the kiss from the War, so he remains oblivious to her feelings.


Ursula is a skilled practitioner of Fire techniques, although her array of powers is slightly limited. However, she is known for her ability to unleash a breath of fire for more than a minute and a half, with steady breathing. Despite her strength with fire, however, it is only basic fire, and as such, elements such as Water, Wind and Earth can easily extinguish her attacks.

On top of her Fire powers, Ursula is a practiced hand-to-hand and melee combatant, with her choice of weapon being a round-headed mace. This weapon is capable of damaging things through steel, without much hassle, but lacks the real focus on defense and parrying attacks that other weapons possess. She is also skilled at using her nonthreatening appearance to inquire about her opponent's strategies, although in a round-about way. This attack, known as Inquire, relies on appealing to the opponent's vanity and/or ego, triggering them to reveal information that can be taken in a tactical way, allowing her to counter an opening move that they accidentally reveal.

As stated earlier, Ursula has the potential to trigger a permanent transformation, in the form of a genetic technique, although not truly a technique in any real translation of the word. Known as Stages of Evolution, it forces the user's body into a permanent evolution when they meet specific requirements. For Ursula, her evolution will not occur until she reaches a certain 'strength level'.

Fire Abilities

Elementless Abilities


Ursula is somewhat childish and energetic, a very cheerful young girl with an inherently optimistic nature, who's cute appearance and gentle personality disarming most people in a way that they don't expect what she could do. She is also a brave girl, with no fear of Greg's rages, often telling him to shut up. However, she too struggles with anger, but normally releases it with a breath of fire. She enjoys sports, and her athletic physique gives her respectable skill with that area, while she's also inherited her mother and grandmother's legendary sense of melody & rhythm, with a beautiful alto singing voice.

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