Ursula the Cat
Rik the Spidermonkey (her only friend)
Everyone else
Scourge the Hedgehog (stepfather)
  • Cynthia the Echidna (mother)
  • Carlo the Cat (father)
  • Romano the Hedgechidna (half-brother)
English VA
Susan Egan
Ursula from Disney's The Little Mermaid
Hades from Disney's Hercules
Urs (by Prez and Cynthia) Doomshark (by local authorities)

"Only children's villains sing about their plans." -Ursula

Ursula is generally Prez's dark side in all its glory. She's evil, cruel, and deceitful. She's clever and always makes trick bargains with her victims. Ursula is a necromancer, and she doesn't use her powers for good, ever. Ursula also has a nasty temper. She was created and is owned by TeamSonicPrez.

Ursula's power source is the raven, and when she wants or needs to, she can become a raven. It annoys her greatly when a raven is disrespected or killed.


Ursula will be born sometime in the future to Cynthia the Echidna and Carlo the Cat. She was a perfect little angel until she was 10 years old, and her mother divorced Carlo and she was forced to stay with Cynthia. She was infuriated by this, but even more infuriated when she discovered her mother had left her father for Scourge the Hedgehog. She finally went off the deep end when her mother and Scourge married and her half brother was born, Romano the Hedgechidna.

Ursula became extremely jealous of the little boy. Her mother obviously loved the baby more, always saying he was the child that should have come first. Ursula became dark and a loner, and she eventually decided to become an assassin.

Her first people on the hitlist were obvious: Scourge, Romano, and Cynthia. By her 11th birthday, she had succeeded in murdering all the people on her hit list and moved in with her father. However, she became bored soon, and devised a new hit list: all the people that were currently picking on her in school.

Half the list has met their demise, and Ursula is still on the prowl.


As described above, Ursula is cruel and deceitful. Some say she doesn't even have a soul. She's a loner and she's very cunning; she has managed to evade police capture for 2 years now. Ursula is never kind, not to anyone, not ever. Ursula has a quick temper and when she loses it you're going to want to get out of town-maybe even out of the dimension-if you're the one who caused it. Ursula is the first and only of Prezzie's characters to be evil through and through; she can't be begged for mercy, and she has a cold, icy and dark heart. Everyone she meets finds her intimidating. She even freaks out Prez a little...

Urs can sometimes be understanding and sticks up for people, but only villains or former villains she respects. On this list is Black Doom and Mephiles. She once respected Shadow.

At times, when she's up against a large group, she'll work with others if she has to. (Proof: Roleplay:Dragon Hunt)


  • "So long, Scourge. It's been a real slice."
  • "Well lookie what we have here. A little worm, looking for his mommy. Your mommy's dead, little bro."
  • "Get the hell away from me or I shoot. . . heck, I'll probably shoot you anyway."
  • "Say your prayers."
  • "Another plan, and another mouse, perfectly executed."
  • "Who throws a bird at someone? Seriously?" (Dragon Hunt)


  • Ursula is not truly evil; she's not really alive either. The real Ursula's been dead for two years. Her body's being controlled by an evil spirit.
  • Like her inspirations, Ursula specializes in dark magic and makes cruel bargains.
  • Ursula idolizes The Horned King and Mephiles the Dark.
  • Ursula is one of the few Mobians that doesn't have a Moebian counterpart.
  • The yellow specks on Ursula's fur are evidence of the evil spirit inside her.


Beast Legends

Dragon Hunt


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