Ursa the Doll is a plush toy who comes quite close to being an actual bear. Being a plush toy, she does not age, but she looks as if she's a teenager.


Ursa was originally a normal plush toy; couldn't talk, eat, move, etc. However, a scientist wanting to experiment on bringing inanimate objects to life obtained her and used her as a test subject. After the experiment, Ursa became so life-like that the only thing dividing her for other sentient being was the cloth and stuffing she was made of. However, after the experiment gained some publicity, the scientist eventually disowned her; the true reason is unknown. Having forgotten that the doll now had thoughts and emotions, this abandonment broke Ursa's heart.

However, she didn't let this get her down; she decided to find a home where she could live among everybody else. She ended up getting roughed up along the way, but she was able to get through it all. She even replaced an eye she lost!


Ursa, despite having lived a hard life, is very sweet. She's one of the biggest optimists of all time. Contradicting her mostly feminine appearance, she's just about as girly as Erica (a.k.a. not that girly at all).


Ursa is blue with messy green hair. She wears a torn, pink dress and various heart-shaped accessories. One eye is a normal, blue eye while the other is a heart-shaped button. She wears striped socks with ballet-style slippers. Her mouth has been stitched over, however it can still move freely. Her arms and legs do not not have appendages.


Ursa is voiced by Ikue Ohtani in Japanese and Veronica Taylor in English. Here are some things she'd say.:

"Oops! I am SO sorry!"

"Don't let the lace fool ya; I'm not that girly."

"Hey Erica! Check out this new game I got!"


  • Ursa's English voice is almost exactly like May's from Pokemon, as they are voiced by the same voice actress.
    • Ursa shares her English voice with Erica and her Japanese voice with Sheldon.
  • Ursa's backstory contains some elements similar to the story Pinocchio, the most obvious similarity being the fact that both Ursa and Pinocchio were inanimate objects (a plush toy and marionette, respectively) that were brought to life.
    • Ursa's backstory also has elements similar to Astro Boy, as both Ursa and Astro were brought to life through science and were disowned by their "parents".
  • Ursa's name is the Latin word for "bear".
    • Also, Ursa being a bear is a nod to how iconic teddy bears have become since their conception. (However, the rest of Ursa's design is based more on a humanoid rag doll.)
  • Unlike most of YoungOtakuNerd's female fan characters, Ursa does not have the usual long eyelashes. This could be from the damage she took before she found a home.
  • Instead of having normal hands and feet, Ursa has appendages that could described better as "paws" or "stubs". This is a nod to how some plush toys seem to have appendages similar to these "paws/stubs".
  • Ursa is very lightweight and doesn't even come close to one pound. This is because, being filled with stuffing, she does not have bones, body fat, organs, or anything else that would cause most people to weigh more.
  • It is uncertain who brought Ursa to life, nor what made this scientist disown her.
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