Urban Jungle
Game Sonic Dreams
Played As Sonic
Acts 3
Level Theme Urban
Boss Egg Hydra (Tails)

Urban Jungle is a level featured in Sonic Dreams. It is the second level in Sonic's storyline, the first in Tails story, and fifth in Blaze's story. It is located in the inner city of Vectopolis.


Sonic and Tails pass through Urban Jungle after stumbling Dr Eggman's plot to harvest dream energy in Twilight Hill. They realise that Eggman has already tested his Dimension Cannon, as the city has become twisted and disfigured. After seeing the Egg Dreadnought passing by above, Sonic and Tails decide to split up to enter the battleship on two fronts, from inside and above.

While Sonic manages to keep up with the Dreadnought, he ultimately fails to board it, and continues through to Season Ruins, looking for another way to fight Eggman. Tails, however, manages to fly straight onto the deck of the dreadnought, where he is confronted by Eggman and the Egg Hydra.

Blaze arrives in the Urban Jungle long after the other two after stumbling on the details of Eggmans plan to destroy Vectopolis with the Egg Colossus to build Eggmanland on its remains in Frosty Bunker, and learns that his use of the Dimension Cannon is what pulled her into Sonic's realm. She is trapped by Eggman in a maze of concrete and metal to prevent her from joining the fight against the Colossus, though she eventually escapes inside into the Crazy Engine.


Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic the Hedgehog

Act Name: Speed Highway
Level Number: 2
Areas: 2
Previous Stage: Twilight Hill
Next Stage: Mirage Ocean

Sonic's run through Urban Jungle can be split into two major segments: His climb through the tall skyscrapers and rooftops; and his dash through the highways in a last-ditch attempt to reach the Egg Dreadnought. The first section of the level is large and complex, allowing the player to take a leisurely run through the warped streets of Vectopolis (reminiscent of the 'At Dawn' section of Speed Highway) or a destructive boost through the buildings and skyline, complete with speeding straight up the tallest buildings and swinging around, spider-man style on wrecked power-lines and lampposts like vines. The second section is more speed orientated, and is reminiscent of Speed Highway and Skyscraper Scamper. Sonic's drift comes into it's own in the part of the stage, allowing Sonic to take testing short-cuts through tight bends. Quick timing is required to make the otherwise impossible jumps across massive gaps in the highways, as is effective use of the Dream Shift to alter the road where possible.

Miles "Tails" Prower

Miles "Tails" Prower

Act Name: Rooftop Run
Level Number: 1
Areas: 1
Boss: Egg Hydra
Next Stage: Scrap Cauldron

Tails stage is much shorter than Sonic's and takes place high above, with some parts of his level overlapping with the higher path of Sonic's. As his first level, Tails version of Urban Jungle has quite a simple, yet open, layout; allowing him to fly from building to building with little trouble. However, the last section of the level, where Tails chases the Egg Dreadnought, if considerably more dangerous. Tails boards the Tornado II and must combat the Dreadnoughts defences to board the colossus.

Blaze the Cat

Blaze the Cat

Act Name: Crisis City
Level Number: 6
Areas: 1
Previous Stage: Frosty Bunker
Next Stage: Crazy Engine

Blaze's stage takes place much later than Sonic and Tails, and Dr Eggman has warped the stage even further. The streets from Sonic's lower path have merged into one large maze designed to prevent Blaze from assisting Tails in the fight against the Egg Colossus, and the stage has a very obstacle course-like structure as a result. A dangerous descent through the insides of a building renovated by Eggman and shaky crawl across unstable footing over an endless abyss is what Blaze faces, alongside hordes of turrets and badniks ordered to shoot on sight. The swinging on telephone lines from Sonic's stage returns, but the punishment for failing to make the jump is more severe than a slower route. Even gravity hasn't escaped Eggmans influence, as Blaze can walk straight up certain... 'walls'. The end of Blaze's level puts her right at the foot of the Egg Colossus, the site of her final level: Crazy Engine.


Urban Jungle was once a normal cityscape, but has been warped by Dr Eggman. The highways have been bent into corkscrews and loop-de-loops, towers have been restructured into physics-defying shapes, even completely on their side. Eggman appears to have fashioned the area after a jungle, as the buildings have been slimmed down like trees and telephone poles hang down like vines. The colourful flower beds that line the streets have doubled in size, some housing deadly plant badniks. The water fountains have been manipulated to create unusual streams of water, and platforms rise high above in the clouds without any obvious support. Small touches like these add a surreal tone to the stage.

By the time Blaze has reached Urban Jungle, Eggmans occupation has started to take its toll. Smashed glass shards have piled up on the streets and rubble can be found on every corner. In addition, the landscape has warped into something even more surreal, such as towers distorted to the point they form a complete loop.


  • All of the acts in this stage are named after previous city levels in the sonic series.
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