"Mother Uralia loves all her children!"
Teaser uralian flag by jaredthefox92-d8o8zqk

The flag of Uralia.

-Uralian national motto.

The Federation of Uralia is an large, and industrious, yet largely isolated country in Eastern Eurish. For centuries the diverse Uralian people have faced hardships and adversity due to their country's geological constraints, difficult climate, and somewhat untapped and isolated amount of resources.


Even since the "Grand Revaluation" Uralia's industry has converted from a loosely kept market filled with corruption and all sorts of vice and graft to a strong centralized economy under strict regulation of the Uralian government. Uralia's primary exports are manufacturing, oil, chemicals, and technology However the country seems to be rather self-sustained and chooses isolationism as opposed to relying too heavily on trade.

Uralians are a proud and hearty people who believe to produce for oneself is better than to rely on foreigners, however this doesn't necessarily imply nationalism in the country. Rather it is pride in not only surviving, but also to thrive in a country as large and rural as Uralia.


Uralians are a multitude of different sub-cultures and ethnicity. While the more dominant species tend to be those more suited to survive tundra like environments such as bears, wolves, and elk there are also other minority races such as felines, avian, and even rodents. However many in the Uralian government seem to be native to many of the western part of the country and as such there are also species that are suited to more warmer climates as well, as well as urban conditions. The majority of Uralian military personnel appear to be either bears or a form of canine.


For long such the Uralian people have once been nomadic and settled across Uralia's tundras lands. Starting off as western migrants  and settlers looking for additional land the first uralians were hard pressed to settle in such supposedly barren and isolated lands. Eventually however once Uralia was settled small camps, towns, and neighboring cities even eventually sprouted up.

Eventually the first Uralian states were formed and Uralia was divided into several dynaties over it's several diverse geological regions. Sadly however this would lead to in-fighting amongst the various states, as well as political turmoil for those who simply wanted to life in peace. Out of all the states fighting amongst themselves the Noscon state emerged as the prominent victor of these meager civil wars.

Eventually after the reign of several kings and rapid exspansionism Imperial Uralia was formed under Peter Polarbear the Mighty. Uralia's victory against Swedesia allowed it to regain it's vital port cities thus allowing sea trade routes and a stable naval force to be built up in the western regions of the country.

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