Ups and Downs
December 5, 2012
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Ups and Downs is the seventh episode of Adventures of Sonic and Orange. It aired December 5, 2012.



Dr. Tacoman is building a rollercoaster so that he can make a lot of money, and then take over Norman. The rollercoaster goes up into space, making all the riders gone forever.


The episode begins when Dr. Tacoman screws on the last bolt of the rollercoaster, thus finishing the ride. The news reporter, Dean Williams, announces a structure taller than anything in the entire world has been contructed. Back at H.Q., Sonic and Orange hear the news and rush immediatly. Already people are lining up, even Tim. Katie is suprised at all the success her father is making. He says it's no big deal. But it is...

An unknown citizen is the first to go on the ride. He rushes up into the atmosphere at many miles per hour. Sonic says that's nothing compared to him, and he rushes up the coaster before it's too late. They already passed a jet and Sonic saved the citizen. Then a satellite hit the rollercoaster and it got destroyed. Dr. Tacoman couldn't believe all the work he has put into building a structure is now useless. Then he used a device he was saving to use incase this happened. It was a Freeze-Ray. The doctor froze Sonic (except for his head), but Orange grabbed the ray and froze Dr. Tacoman. Luckily, it was sunny, so Sonic thawed out easily. The two hedgehogs returned to their hideout.

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  • Roger Craig Smith as Sonic
  • Daran Norris as Orange and Tim
  • Matthew W. Taylor as Dr. Tacoman
  • Cindy Robinson as Katie Tacoman

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