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In this game, you play as Sonic in an attempt to prevent Dr. Eggman from unleashing the new Metal Sonic model on the planet. He tried to crash the Death Egg on purpose so it would start a war between the animals of North and South Islands. Nobody knew why they were fighting, until Tails came with info on Robotnik's newest plan. The genius has a master plan to wreak havoc on Earth, and it involves his " little friend " ...


Quartz Quadrant

Like the original, but with the mine cart gimmick from Sonic 2 GG mixed in. 


Now takes place in the movie filming area. Avoid getting burned by Eggman's reels.

Sewer Scurry

A suburban city sewer which takes inspiration from Chemical Plant, Spring Yard, the Veg-O-Fortress and Star Light. Watch out for leaking water and rising sewage!

Test Facility

A stage where you hide from security cameras and RC helicopters, while Metal Sonic Prototype launches an energy ball until the boss encounter with him.

Metal Sonic Encounter 1

Metal fires spike balls at you, but sometimes he will try to crash into you, make him crash into his power source (a moving satellite) instead. Hit 4 times and he will get on top of his satellite, which shoots laser beams, turn on all 4 heat seeking missiles by bumping into them, then stay still and the missiles will hit the satellite.

Launch Base

Launch Base, but with some Scrap Brain elements. 

Aerial Attack

Egg Boss Battle 1

Egg-Suit "F" Type: A mini Death Egg Robot with flying capabilities that can shoot missiles and ram Jetpack Sonic with his hands, you have to beat him before your jetpack runs out of gas, which is shown by a gauge that changes color depending on how much fuel is left. You beat him by charging into his arms while they are temporarily disabled, as a result of the spike hand attack, then once both arms are knocked off, Eggman starts firing missiles like crazy. Hit the mech's cockpit to win.

Wood Zone


Walk on bridges, climb vines, and swing from tree to tree.


Dodge steel beams and destroy the mechanizers on the trees to prevent the creation of the new Robotnikland park in this botanic construction site.

Mushroom Hill

Bounce on mushrooms and watch out for the satellites! Grab on to a handle to avoid getting blown away by strong winds!

Midnight Boardwalk

Watch out for jumping sharks and use flippers to get to higher places in this beach area.

Metal Sonic Encounter 2

Rough Mountain

Electric Elevators

Titanic Monarch

Final Fight



A mine roller coaster with falling crystals and an Eggrobo piloting the coaster, complete with backwards facing turret.

Badnik Projector

A screen that projects badniks, starting with Motobugs, then the laser fireflies, then finally a big, armored Buzz Bomber ( with a homing attack). Destroy all the badniks in one projection to move on to the next. To get rid of the bee's armor, get to the reels to melt the fasteners. 

Water Trap

Phase 1: Sonic falls through the trapdoor,the door closes,and the battle starts. The core will move through the trap's tubes and will appear in one of four exits. While in the tubes, it will shoot out harmful blobs of water, while out, it will raise the water level until you hit it, hitting the core 4 times will activate the next phase.

Phase 2: It will pull the water towards it, creating a Chaos clone, with the core as the weak point. You have to dodge his bounce attack until the temperature lowers, then hit him, which will cause him to split into 2 smaller versions of himself, dodge THOSE bounce attacks until temperature lowers, then hit them again and they will split into 2 smaller versions, making that 4 Chaos clones. Hit all of them to end the fight. 

Giant Metal Sonic/Egg Saucer

Eggman uses the Master Emerald and Phantom Ruby to supersize Metal. Dodge the Giant Threat's attacks until the Saucer launches it's bottom half at you, then jump on that, then ram it into Giant Metal Sonic, repeat 3 times, then phase 2 starts.

Phase 1: Things are not looking good for Sonic. Robotnik gets in Giant Metal Sonic via the cockpit, then he starts shooting plasma balls at you, which you must avoid until you reach him, then hit him, then the final phase starts.

Phase 2: Sonic is winning, and Eggman's final mech (Giant Metal Sonic) is breaking down. The genius launches every attack he has at the iconic blue hedgehog (plasma balls, electricity ramming, air stomp, fire laser) which do little damage. After two hits, he launches his final desperation attack, a super  laser with the combined power of the M. Emerald and P. Ruby, which can be very deadly if not dodged, then the ultimate weapon stops working, so he slams his fists on the control panel, letting you deliver the final blow.

Phase 3: The space is closing, and you have to get away, but Sonic remembers he is a hero, so he takes the portal back into the DE, you then have to press all the buttons to self destruct it, then an obstacle course to get out, it just explodes completely, but the evil villian gets away, somehow.

Good: The ship just explodes completely, but the evil villian gets away, somehow.

Bad: Sonic fails to prevent the DE from crashing, which ends up starting a war between the North & South Islands... Sequel?

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