This is what fuels my powers. My uncomparable rage lights the darkness. Now prepare to DIE! -Aden achieving his unlocked form.


Unlocked Aden is Aden's super form. It was dubbed this name because it is unknown how it was achieved but according to Aden, it was his large amount of rage that he built up inside of himself during his final battle with Dr.Eggman after he failed to tell Aden about his about his parents.


Aden's unlocked form shares a similar physical appearence. The only differences are his quills are pointed upwards, he has a noticably different color scheme, and his eyes changed noticably as well. His eyes became white without pupils visible. His fur changed from light red to blood red. His black striped details changed to a bright yellow color. His shoes remain white and black and his socks and gloves remain grey. He constantly has a reddish glowing aura around him. His flames are blue instead of orange. He has a slightly lower and more demonic voice than in his normal form.


Aden has almost the same powers as his normal form. He can use his pyrokinesis still, but a more powerful form of it where he can use blue flames which are more dangerous than his normal ones. He can also hover above the ground which gives him more speed. He also has more strength. He has more control over his pyrokinesis. The large amount of trauma that caused him to transform, messed up his perception of what is right or wrong and caused him to become enraged easily.


When Aden returned to join the Freedom Fighters, he seemed to have practiced his control over his powers. The only problem was that he seemed to be a bit more depressed and angry. Only 3 days after he returned, he was confronted by Knuckles the Echidna. Knuckles didn't remember who Aden was and attacked him. Aden accidentally burned Knuckles badly. He took Knuckles to a hospital. He asked Sonic where Dr.Eggman's new headquarters were. It is in the Casino Night Zone. Aden suggested that they bring Blaze the Cat. It took them 3 days to get there. Once they arrived, Aden used his new powers to break open the door. He used his powers to destroy all guards in his way. Sonic and Blaze got held up on some other guards. They asked him to help but he insisted on finding Dr.Eggman. He broke his way into the control room. Dr.Eggman ordered his Eggman Mech to defeat Aden. Aden defeated the robot and pushed Dr.Eggman into a corner. He demanded to know about his true parents. Dr.Eggman refused and Aden lost it. He broke his inhibitor rings and surrounded himself in a hurricane of fire. Sonic and Blaze entered the room to try to stop Aden. Aden emerged from the hurricane looking and sounding differently. He attacked Eggman. Aden missed and Eggman fled. Sonic demanded that Aden stop and he attacked Aden. He missed and Aden defeated Sonic. Then he confronted Blaze. She asked him to stop but he attacked her to which she defended with her pyrokinesis. He blasted it away, but she fled too. His fate is currently unknown.


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