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Prologue: The Multiverse Theory

Outer Space : a place of infinite possibilities; a normally soundless and starlit vacuum. A massive refuge for multiple continuities, realities, and civilizations. Unsurprisingly, all that could be done was to assume or surmise many things regarding it, such as aliens or more than supposed universe. However, this is not the current topic. The steel planet rather small in comparison to a planet, giving the impression of being a moon. Regardless, this "moon" had a large, thick, donut-shaped ring that was connected to the middle of it. There are two command towers jutting out from opposite ends of the planet. To top it off, a fence that also doubles as a stasis field when it creates a sphere when it is activated.

Inside the command tower at the top of the station, several monocular robots could be seen. There were obviously busy with their directives inside. At the central terminal, a female bird could be seen behind it, her hands firmly on the terminal observing a screen where the running a test, only to fail. This female bird is a vulture with mahogany feathers and has violet eyes. Her feathers are short on the sides of her face and gets longer the closer they get to the back. She also wears a grey top that exposes some of her midriff. The hemline of the top had a silver circle and was pulled upward, giving it the appearance of a triangle. She also wears a pair of arm warmers with stainless steel ring cuffs and motifs. The arm warmers drape down ward like loose cloth and are grey. She wears a layered skirt secured at her waist and drooped all the way down to her feet, which were grey talons. She also has a mahogany tail made of feathers. She doesn't wear shoes. She also wears a sash that is silver with several objects linked to the sash. Her name is Vultra.

Vultra stared down intently at the panel . her hands planted on it with the pressure from her arms, her eyes intently focused on the scene. The eyebrows furrowed , showing signs of anger and tension. Small beads of oily sweat start to trickle down her head, causing her to take her left hand off the panel and wipe her forehead, the smell of crude oil amiss to the girl.

"Hurry up! We need to get back to our search!" She yelled.

On screen, there is a group of robots working on repairs to something. On the right of the screen, a robot is carrying a glowing white rod of energy while was on top of an open circuit panel. Working painstakingly close to broken electric circuits and trying to stabilize the power flow to an unknown receiver.

"What's the diagnostic, doc?" The rightmost robot says in a rather relaxed and laid back tone.

The robot working in the middle with the panel looked to the one on the right with its upper eyelid covering the top half of the eye, clearly disinterested with the rightmost robot being that way. Looking back at the panel, sparks start flying from the panel, barely missing the robot's eye.

Wincing away, the bot says, "Oh just fine. Just stainless steel and shiny springs. No sort of issue. It's only just a blown Duraxxide fuse and ruptured Newtronium fuel cell that if left untouched, could completely destabilize the balance of the ship. Yeah, it is just all sheen and polish, nothing to worry about." The worker replied a sarcastic tone.

The receiving robot shrugs and walks off. The worker then receives a massive overcharge in energy and is flung off-screen. The leftmost robot closes his eye, and for lack of a better term, face palm. Vultra wasn't satisfied, more so frustrated with this. "And yet I wonder how I got myself in this mess", she thought to herself.


Vultra is on board the command tower in the station. She has her head looking down at the workers. All the drones are all sitting at designated operation panels. the drones are pushing buttons and observing the activities of others with data logs and codices. Those that were holding either of those were appointed the task of supervision.

Vultra then speaks up over the beeping sounds of panel buttons and electric buzzing. "Have you got a reading yet? We're losing ground and wasting time." "Negative, Lady Vultra. We have sent artificial waves all across the planet's surface, but we're not receiving any transmissions in the receiver. As far as we know, they may already be collected." This came from one of the supervisors in the room. As the same supervisor began to reply with a response that they said time and time again, one of the workers interrupts him and shouts in frustration, "We will keep scanning for--" "No, we won't. There is no reason to continue this. We have scanned the planet many times and the results have turned up nothing! We're squandering resources, and we are running out of energy for the Warp Mechanism. "

The drone was then punched in the back of the optic by the supervisor. "My apologies, Lady Vultra, I will see to him being punished and-- " the supervisor was interrupted by the girl's raised right hand. Her eyes were closed and had breathed in and out, sounding disinterested. "Cease, Kredvako." Vultra says in a disgruntled tone. She then brought her right hand back to the command panel.

She then opened up her eyes and proceeded to look at the named supervisor. She then looked at him, and said, "Send a request to the Orikosen Rik'vaxxo. I need to know the overall status of the station! If we're really having an unsupervised problem come to light, You could wind up being made into my next armor upgrade." She said to him with a commanding tone in her voice. Kredvako simply nods and replies, " Acknowledged, Lady Vultra." He then hurries on to pass on the request, giving a nasty optical glare to the worker.

Vultra then turns around, facing away from the workers. She then folds her arms behind her back, and walks away from the command panel. She then moves to the right and passes through an open door. The sound of her grey talons against the metallic floor are overwhelmed by the sounds of machines buzzing and the drones hard at work.She is soon out of the room and going into a curved hallway. The hallway had windows made of Jukr'ii, a glass like element, on the right. The wall on the left is made of Stekrite, a scarce metal.

Vultra walked in this hallway until she made her way to the middle of the hallway. She stopped and turned to face the windows and leaned forward to fold her arms on rest her head on the guardrail. She stared at the wide reaches of space with a blank expression.

"Za Nakrota, my creator. I know you cannot hear my transmission since you are scrapped, I can't help but wonder one thing: How did you try to claim a world inhabited by animals that speak fluent languages if you couldn't find your artifacts? Are you testing me? Are you trying to mess with my optics? Or is all of this just a Klavaxxo?" Vultra thought to herself. Vultra then closed her eyes. She proceeds to think about these questions and drifts into a slumber.

Her dream in particular was a position that she had set her sights on for a while. She saw herself sitting on a battered, steel throne. The throne was actually composed of the dead and dying soldiers from war. The throne was torn and stretched, looking like it could rip apart. The arm rests were composed of the forearms and hands of a brawler. They were a rusted brown color, and starting the disintegrate into flakes. The back rest was composed of the chest and head of a juggernaut. The chest cavity appeared to be forcibly ripped open and hollowed out. It's internal structures were missing except for a Duraxxide frame. The interior was also rusted brown, and the exterior was also beginning to show the same signs. The monocular head that is on top is missing its big eye. The eyelids were bending and appeared to have been melted a little. Some wires can be seen hanging in the lower eyelid where the the optic once sat. Spikes of varying lengths jutted out from the sides and top of the throne.

In front of her, at the bottom of a staircase, a large group of soldiers carrying different types of firearms and hand held weapons could be seen.

"Almighty Vultra, where should we strike next?" One of them said.

Vultra was about to speak, but was cut off when she felt a hand rest on top of her left hand on the armrest closest to it. She looked to that direction to find the source, only to see someone wearing a dark cloak. The individual said, "Mistress. Do not bother. There has been enough fighting."

The soldier then spoke up.


"Vultra! "

Her eyes open to the sound of another robot shaking her right shoulder, trying to get her attention.

The robot had one big optic that served as the head. The robot had an oval-shaped helmet that covered the top half of the optic, leaving the bottom exposed. The helmet was bent at the top and their was one pointed tip in the front, as well as one for the back. The chest had a big circular hole in the front possibly meant to resemble a Mobian's fur-less stomach. From the back, four triangular points emerge and point directly at the hole in the front. The robot also had two shoulder plates, one over each shoulder, and triangular in shape. The upper portion of its arms and legs were bare, showing only the hydraulic stabilizers. The forearms and shins were covered in armor. The armor had triangular spikes on the back of the forearm and in the front of the shins. The forearms and the hands are combined, as the robot doesn't have joints that would count as wrists. Each hand had three fingers , and each foot had two triangular toes. The robot's name was Psuedo, and Vultra looked annoyed with him.

With an annoyed look, she spoke in a low growl, "Ugh, what is it, Psuedo?"

The robot then backs away a bit. "My apologies, Lady Vultra, but the head of the Research and Analysis Division on Subdeck Raxxo-423 has been requesting your presence, and has sent me to get you. It would seem that it is important."

Vultra thought about this for a minute. "Hmm....fine. Tell the head that--wait just a damn this a secret test? Did he even allude to such an action? "

"The head has not mentioned whether or not this is a secret. All I know is that the head wishes for your arrival." Psuedo said in a robotic tone.

Vultra was steaming at the thought. This was not the first time she had been brought to a headmaster's attention because of their self-contained ideas and exaggerated stories. Said stories had often resulted in failure in the worst possible way. Not wanting history to repeat itself again, Vultra reluctantly gets off the railing and makes a hand gesture to Psuedo telling him to escort her to the Subdeck. They proceed down the curved hallway where they find an elevator to get to the subdeck.

The door slides open, with the hissing sound of compressed air coming out. Vultra and Psuedo step in. The door then slides closed, compressing some air and makes its way down to the Subdeck. Upon reaching the subdeck, the elevator stops and the door slides open, allowing them to walk out. The elevator had stopped at a catwalk overlooking the workers. The smell of burning radiation and plasma taints the air. The workers on this Subdeck were working on weapons and energy manipulation. While there were some computer terminals, they were scarce in comparison to the large number of mechanical arms, Stekrite Capsules, and weapon production lines.

Vultra and Psuedo paid no attention to the activity as they walked on. At the far end of the catwalk, the head of the Research and Analysis head was waiting. Much like that of the workers here, this bot only had one eye that acted as the head. The armor plating was designed to look like a trench coat and not so much like a soldier. There were no shoulder plates to speak of, just sleeve-like structures on both arms. The legs and feet were very identical to all the others.

The head could tell that Vultra wasn't too happy to see him. "What do you need, Daxxo? We're really busy right now." Vultra said in a serious tone.

"Patience, my Lady. We have something you might want to see."

"I swear to Osmosis that If this is another ploy, I will ensure your body will be turned into a weapon upgrade , or someone else's armor."

"Oh this time, I'm sure you'll like this. Claims to be able to travel through dimensions and create fear to whomever come across it."

Vultra realized that what this guy had wasn't an object like a rogue asteroid or star, considering that objects can't speak. What also piqued her interest was the possibility of dimensional travel. Still, she held on to the possibility of this being a hoax, and all of this is lies.

"I'll have to see it for myself. Show me."

"Alright then. Right this way-"

"Wait, why are you taking us there? Can't you show us here?"

"Negative. We had to strap it down. Too violent."

Vultra's expression didn't change. The group then proceeded through a door behind the robot, and made their way down a long hallway. As they move forward, they hear an ungodly shriek coming from the end of the hall. The shriek was loud, causing Psuedo to cover both sides of his head with his hands. Sounds of objects cluttering, clang and breaking could be heard. Shouting could also be heard from the workers, one of them went from screaming to wailing to choking. The group then started running to the end where a door that led to the Research and Analysis Division came up. This room was circular with at least a dozen worker drones operating the same type of computer terminals found on other decks, but didn't have as many storage devices or cases inside the room. In the center of the room was an examination table, holding the thing down with plasma bindings at the wrists and ankles.

Vultra was dumbfounded by what she saw. She saw that the creature was using a mass of purple tentacles to squeeze a worker's head joint until the head snapped off. The tentacles were also trying to ensnare more workers and kill them as well. Daxxo was in shock, surprised that this was going on. Psuedo just observed the creature, not showing any discomfort. Before casualties could be counted, however, the plasma bindings activated as per pacification method, glowing a bright orange and proceeded to burn the creature at the joints. It let go of its prey as a result, and the tentacles receded back into the creature's body.

"You pests can't keep this up. I can tell you're afraid of me escaping. I--Aaaaaargh!! Ugh, Damn you!!" The creature said as it was administered another round of Plasma Burning.

", you sick.....sick..." The suffocated robot said in between getting electric current back to normal.

"Why thank you, I am sick..sicker than you may--Rrrg! Hisss! I'LL KILL YOU FOR THAT!" The creature snapped.

"SILENCE!!" Vultra shouted.

All the robots in the room froze and looked at her, some filled with surprise, others terrified about the situation with Vultra getting involved. Vultra then walked across the room to face the creature on the table.

"You have some nerve taking on me and this station. You had even more of a nerve to nearly kill one of them," she said.

Velkorah looked at her and an gave her a wide, exaggerated grin as fluids from its mouth drooled between his sharpened, yellowish brown teeth.

"Does my work scare you, girly? The thought of losing you're toys make you wanna scream? Rage? Perhaps....aggressive? " Velkorah said.

Vultra wasn't fazed, and continued to look at the creature. "I demand that you tell me who you are."

"My identity is nothing for you to worry about."

"Talk. You. Now." Vultra said in a stern tone as she walked up to the table.

The two lock eyes with one another, staring with different intents. Tension was beginning to grow as the both of them were at an impasse.

"Daxxo told me that you're a special one." Vultra said.

"Oh, shut up, girly. You're making me blush with toxic bubbles. I'll kill you first." Velkorah said with a big smile.

Vultra was unnerved with his smile and behavior. Regardless she pressed on to get answers. She was so focused on pressing the creature, that she failed to notice the cluster of tentacles that Velkorah has created.

"I heard you can travel through dimensions. Defy reason and logic. Is this true?"

"Maybe it is, and maybe it isn't. I surely don't think it is. It's away the same to me." Velkorah said as his grin became much more sinister.

The tentacles were rising to where they were well over her head. Then those ones created four and proceeded until it became a mass of tentacles and she was dragged away.

The mass of tentacles quickly grabbed hold of her. They secured themselves all over her body by the waist, arms, legs, and mouth, while some of the other tentacles made there way around the room, grabbing or at least trying to grab whatever they can, causing the occupants to either stand and fight or cowardly flee. However, in the midst of this, someone had failed to realize that the Centrifuge and Warp Mechanism were beginning to malfunction. Also, Velkorah was able to break his restraints and get off the table.

"Admittedly, I can indeed travel between dimensions, but it is very, very costly. " Velkorah said as he got off the table.

"However, I can do more than that. I am the darkness you hide from, the pain you endure, and the fear you bury. I'd rather just leave you to burn in you terror, but where'd the fun be in that?" Vultra watched as Velkorah came up to her, when he was hit in the back by a heated energy blast. This blast came from Pseudo, as he fired a Gamma Ray Burst.

"Hrrg. Lucky hit, maggot, but not. Lucky. Enough!!!"

Velkorah commands a tentacle to try to grab Psuedo but missed. Velkorah then commands another tentacle to try to grab him from behind, only to be shot at by a weapon researcher. The energy blast that Velkorah's tentacle took was felt, as if he had been struck in the chest. Angered, Velkorah then summoned more tentacles to try to but they wouldn't get far. In the middle of fighting, the entire room started to shake, explosions were rampant on the other floors, and a loud roaring noise echoed in the room. The mechanism had overloaded, and initiated a Warp sequence, entering a whole new portion of space.

After the Warp sequence stopped, the lights throughout the station began to flicker, and terminal screens were getting darker. The power supply


Vultra is on her way back to the Research division, with some anger in her thoughts and how she could peel the Cybrexium off their outer shells if they don't work something out. Psuedo had accompanied her, trying to convince her to stand down, but she ultimately pushes him away, turns to him, and points a finger at him, saying "They brought that thing on board, that thing that grabbed me and tried to kill me. IT may have something to do with it."

"That thing, Lady Vultra? I strongly doubt that. Even though the creature can summon tentacles, I do not think it's capable of such a thing." Psuedo replied.

"Did you not see that thing when it talked to me?! it smiled like a sick f*ck observing you inside a stasis pod, and planning to play out fantasies with them and you think that's alright?!" Vultra said with evident rage in her voice.

"I never said that, Vultra, you misconstrued my input. I'm saying that thing may have done something with the Warp Mechanism before it was detained in Research Division. They never did say where it came from aside from being outside the station. That thing may have tampered with something before it was discovered." Psuedo said in a surprisingly calm tone.

Vultra stops for a minute to ponder Psuedo's thought. Recounting the fact that Daxxo never did say something like that, calming her down a little bit. She knew that Daxxo had him, but she needed to know more. In a commanding tone of voice, she gave Psuedo a directive to help expand upon the extent of the issue.

"Psuedo, send a transmission to the Gyro Deck and Engineering Deck. Tell them to respond to me as to what the hell happened to this station. Ask them if they have already sent a detachment to investigate or repair something there. If Not, tell them to do that. I need to speak with Daxxo."

Psuedo nodded his head and folded his arms in an "X" shape across his chest.

"Yes, Lady Vultra. " Psuedo then runs off the nearest communication terminal, hoping one is still active to send or receive a signal. Vultra then proceeds to return to the Research division. Upon reaching it, however, it had become an entirely different scene.

The Division members, including Daxxo, had been killed. Oil, fluids and scraps of armor could be seen littering the floor. Several former members' bodies could be seen. The outer shells they had were peeled off, exposing their chest cores, joints, all the wired connections throughout their bodies. Their bodies lay strewn all over the room, including the catwalk, which had two robots dangling over the rail like handmade banners. Their eyes were tied to the railings and flickered like broken traffic lights. Some of them had even been tied to the support beams with a thick grey wire from their torso unit wrapped around their neck joints with the eye they had missing, revealing a hollow eyelid with the occasional spark illuminating the inside. Daxxo looks like he got the worst punishment. In the center of the room where the creature once laid, has new decor. Daxxo had been torn asunder, limb from limb. The front and back of Daxxo's torso had been separated, and laid front of the table. Many wires underneath the armor were sprawled all over and sparking electric energy; some even wrapped around it and were tied up in various ways resembling unfamiliar symbols . His arms and legs were missing, except for both of his hands which were on the middle of the table.

Vultra walked closer to the table, her talons being soaked in the oil of her mutilated soldiers. She was looking left and right at all of the destruction. She soon made it to the center, and was disturbed by the sight. She crouched down and looked at Daxxo's eyelid. She reached a hand out to grab it and see if a memory node was still there, only to recoil as she felt something grab her hand. A mass of violet tendrils slowly crawled out of the eyelid, causing Vultra to drop it. Unsure of what else to do, she just backed away from it. The mass then started the cover the eyelid on the outside, making it into a perfect sphere. The mass then grows and shoots up off the eyelid. The mass eventually forms a creature that is distinguishable. It was the same creature that tried to kill her earlier.

"Did I scare you, birdie?" It said with a cackle. "Love what I had done with the place? I had gotten bored with the set up so...I made it interesting."

Vultra held back a lot of disgust she had toward it when it had the audacity to think this was okay.

"This is OK? You just eviscerated an entire team, destroyed this room, and Osmosis knows what else. No! Of course this isn't ok!" Vultra said in anger.

"Oh well. This is my little sanctum now. "The creature said as it finished manifesting.

"Since you are so inquisitive, I will tell you this: I will only be addressed as, "Velkorah. ", and yes, I can indeed travel through dimensions." The creature said in a distorted voice. Vultra was amazed. She was staring at the very thing that could help her win once and for all.

"With that idea, I have a suggestion on how you can help me- I don't work for anyone, birdie. I go my own way. But, if you really want my help, I ask for only a portion of the reward in return. If I'm denied, then you'll die." Velkorah told her with a sickening grin.

"It depends on how you help me..." Vultra said.

End of Prologue.

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