"Unity" is a fanfiction detailing a time that can be made into each person's canon so long as it satisfies the necessity of dark and gritty. However, this fanfiction will reach points where it delves into rather dark, disturbing territory, while trying to also establish a gritty atmosphere.

Vultra, the current leader of the Comet Battalion, had been warped into an unknown reach of space due to a malfunctioning Orbital Balance Centrifuge and an unstable Warp Drive. This had happened as a result of secret experiments that weren't supposed to be executed while on board, as the original goal was to create a blackout on Möbius and destroy colonial communication to locate the four Raggadak Gems and the Terraform Matrix. Soon, she learned from her soldiers that they had been learning about an alternate way of doing this. They believe that all 5 objects had been warped through time and space. Their method was to open up wormholes and engage in a mammoth war with the multiverse.

Allied with several other villains, the group succeeds in claiming the multiverse, and start to link the multiverse together like a computer network, pillaging several worlds of people, resources, and power all for the sake of claiming the artifacts. However, not all hope is lost. A caudrey of unlikely allies gather in a hideout made up of an abandoned Cyberspace Colony, Completely unknown to the enemy, they must wage a deadly war on them and destroy the central hub that links their worlds together.

UPDATE I: Please bear mind this is optional. Military groups can be added to the story if anyone so chooses. It is not required, as it is completely up to the editors of their respective chapters. This is meant to be for the heroes exclusively, or as allies to the characters used by the writers in this story.

UPDATE II: Also optional to all editors/writers of this story. Character limit adjusted to a maximum of 4. This is not required in order to partake just like with the previous limit of 3. So long as there is the minimum requirement of either one hero, villain, or both, participation is permitted.

Included Characters

The list will be expanded upon as more people are working on their characters, or are co-editing. If you're co-editing, you may put up which characters you want to use or would like to see.





UPDATE: after some careful thought for each universe, I have decided that for each individual universe, everyone will edit their chapters. However, I must tell you that I will be working with each person individually to help keep consistency. However, these chapters must be done one at a time. Below is the order of which chapter will be written by who. Please add yourself to the list as which chapter you want to make. Remember: one chapter at a time. I will be making individual art for each chapter when I can.

Chapter 1: Max

Chapter 2: Time

Chapter 3: Doom

Chapter 4: Skyblade

Chapter 5: Reens

Chapter 6: Nitrogen218 (SnowlessWinter's characters will be applied here.)

Chapter 7: All Editors

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