United Federation of Mobius
Country Flag
Central City
Official Languages
English, Spanish
President Rosemary
National Law enforcement
"Libertas in honorem"

The United Federation, commonly referred to as the UF, is a country on the planet Mobius. The United Federation is one of the most powerful countries on Mobius, and is considered the Mobian equivalent of the United States of America. The UF is part of the M7, which is a group that includes the top seven worldwide economies. After earning its independence in 1697, the country has since grown to include one of the world's largest militaries and a very large Gross Domestic Product (GDP). The capital of the UF is Central City. On the Human development index, UF is considered to be a high developed country. The country was named in multiple Video games and TV shows.


United Federation came to be after the civil war against Eggman Empire and the colonization of the continent with only 14 States. Eventually overtime, the country formed to it's current 45 States we see today. The government hails two people as heroes of the nation.


The government of the United Federation is a constitutional republic. The current constitution, drafted in 1854, vests executive power into a President, who is elected every 2 years. Unlike other democracies, the President can declare war. The government has a cabinet of 12 people who meet everyday to discuss more private issues in the country. The current president is a female Mobian named Rosemary Prower. After the resignation of the president Lucas Joey, accused with corruption, Rosemary has been elected as president and has promised a new era of the nation.

United Federation Federal Patrol


A Federal Pursuit Vehicle spotted near Station Square.

The United Federation Federal Police is a police force that enforces Federal Laws around the country. They are heavily armed with Federal Pursuit Vehicles and High powered AK 74s. There is a special division that protects the president.


The United Federation is divided into 45 states, the equivalent of provinces in Canada. These are some of the states.

State Capital Population
Capital State Central City 7,986,495
State of Rockport Station Square (After Sonic Adventure) 1,692,420
Palmont State Palmont City 5,927,500
State Of Kento Evergreen Glades 2,955,429
Redview State North Square 959,002
Sukyampa State Empire City 2,998,034
North Yankton Ludendorff 27,540
South Yankton Leftwood City 120,241
State of Alderney Alderney City 3,993,392
Liberty State Liberty City 6,478.279
San Andreas State Los Santos 10,200,201
Tensukee State Hamtonville 2,103,463
Vinemont Carcer City 1,240,027
Vice State Vice City 4,204,709
Hawaii Florinahuu 7,204,293



The Guardian Unit of Nations (G.U.N.) is the primary military force of the United Federation, as well as a worldwide military/enforcement agency.


An military faction lead by one of Generals of G.U.N. They are known to deal with super natural occurances, such as super soldiers, and rogue agents. They are known to have a separate headquarters away from G.U.N. Their leader is known to be General Raidou, general of the air force.

The Hunters

The Hunters are a separate fighting force/black ops group that works under the United Federation. This group is usually sent after traitors, rogue agents, and international criminals, with the intention of capturing them or quickly disposing of them.

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