Unit Shinobu
Unit Shinobu
Naturally heightened senses, psychic powers
Hachi (father), Sana (mother)
"I am Unit, it is a pleasure to meet you."
—Unit Shinobu
"I'm afraid I must ask you to stop what you are currently doing, you are starting to agitate."
—Unit Shinobu

Unit Shinobu, the lovechild of Hachiman Shin-Ha and Sana. Unit is an enigma, supposedly being born after Sana had left Hachi, which meant that she gave birth to Unit after she had erased her memory of Hachi. Being gifted with an infant, Sana was unsure who the father was, though she knew that Unit was her new responsibility in life. From the day he was born, he had become a medical enigma, supposedly being born a cyborg, though Sana didn't care. She thought of herself as being completely normal, despite her actual cyborg abilities.

Unit was raised as a rich kid, as Sana had made a rise to stardom on the cover of magazines and was a representative for her gaming company, also being voted top gaming girl for the past five years. He was a smart kid, getting top grades in his school and being able to avoid most fights, though the ones that he was involved in often resulted in him scaring the life out of the kid he was fighting, due to his unnatural strength. Unit could have what he wanted, except for the knowledge of his father. Despite running it through his head so many times, he could still not identify who his father was, due to inheriting his mother's memories, although she had erased them and so Unit only had fragments.


Unit stands at 5'7ft and has long, spiked light blue hair, two long floppy rabbit ears, two strands of hair over his face, and a rather large puff of chest fur. His body's colour is based off Sana's colouring, as she is his mother and carrier. He also has blue markings across his body, showing that he really is one with technology if he was to be born as a cyborg. He has a long fox tail, and two large paws.

He usually wears a pair of trousers, in his father's colour, and also a long robe over his abdomen. Unit's trousers are different, however, as he has ripped trims on the legs, while Hachi lacks actual noticeable trims on his trousers.


Early History

Unit Shinobu was born at the mid-point of Sana's financial success as a model and gaming representative. In the nine months before his birth, Sana had erased her memory of Hachi, Unit's father, and was left wondering what she was doing, pregnant. However, instead of dwelling on it, she decided she wants to raise her son the best she can, and got herself a job as a sales assistant in a small gaming shop. Eventually her success got her promoted to manager, and then she was noticed by larger gaming industries and was selected as a representative of a certain games company, and also a top model in magazines.

Unit was raised in a stash of money and riches, and was sent to the finest schools to get the best education. Unit was a rather lonely boy, not making any friends during his time at school and was simply focussed on learning and studying, and was often the best in his classes, especially history and science. However, at a young age, he decided he wanted to find out more about his father.

Having almost no knowledge of him, onlt a few scattered memories from Sana's own data that he inherited, Unit was soon visited by a tall, white, fox-like person, claiming he was the son of a warrior called Hachiman Shin-Ha. Unit disbelieved the person at first, who revealed himself to be Soren, Hachi's eldest son. Soren, agitated with Unit, decided to prove if he really was Hachi's son and not just some love child of Sana and another man.

In the following battle, Unit had to fight with his fists for the first time, and this was where he was at his best. Due to his structure and genetics, he was a top fighting machine, as well as a potentially powerful psychic, reading Soren's face and body language to determine his moves. The fight was evenly matched for some time, with Soren beginning to lose until he accessed his Rage Gene. Unit tried to counetr with his blasts of psychic energy, although it was no use against the Rage Gene, and he was defeated.


Soren had allowed Unit to live, so long as he lives up to his goal of finding Hachi, his father, now that he realized Unit fought like their father. With a smile, Soren disappeared, and Unit was left to ask his mother that he wanted to be a travelling student.

He now travels the world, trying to search for his mysterious father. He was unsure what to expect, as he knew Soren was not raised by Hachi, leaving only bad thoughts and scenarios in his head. However, he tries to look on the bright side and wishes to find out the truth for himself.


Unit Shinobu is a rather serious and logical person, yet he is polite most of the time, even when angry. Unit is usually a calm and collected individual, and is also very smart, yet he doesn't understand much about what people do for fun and is often left to study, and spend his free time just sitting blankly until he is wanted or needed. He does not find any fault to this, despite perhaps some people seeing it as sad or boring. He likes to keep his possessions in order and study subjects such as history and science.

Unit, however, can become angry or upset if somebody messes up with his arrangements of possessions, or disturbs him while he studies. He doesn't like to use physical violence, despite his body being able to deliver and take a good amount of punishment. Instead, he prefers to use his psychic powers when in a fight/

Powers and Abilities


Unit displays a potentially immense amount of psychic power and energy. What brought on this mutation is unknown, although it has been theorized it is a result of being born as a cyborg, since his father was mainly organic and his mother a fusion of grown organic matter and technology. His psychic powers include telekinesis, telepathy and the ability to shoot beams of pure psychic energy at his targets.


  • Unit Shinobu was born as a cyborg, although he doesn't inherit any abilities from his mother.
  • Despite being a son of Hachi, he does not inherit the Rage Gene, but has psychic powers and energy to substitute for it.
  • The name Shinobu can refer to either "recall" (偲ぶ) or "stealth/endure" (忍ぶ).
    Sana's Son

    Unit's old look from May 22, 2012

  • Unit Shinobu has gone through a redesign as of September 9th, 2012
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