Astra is an Ariderinadae.

Unerinadae (or "grey-furs", a racial slur) is a form of spined species that are native to the planet Unearth. Unerinadae have features similar to hedgehogs, porcupines, and other animals that have quills, but don't exactly belong in the erinaceidae category because of some major differences including longer tails, longer arms and bigger quills; so instead, they are called unerinadaes.


Typical unerinadae characters have appearances similar to hedgehogs, porcupines, gymnures, moonrats, and other animals that belong under the erinaceidae family.

Unerinadae characters usually have achromatic fur colors, such as gray, white, and black, but some can be light blue or sand. Quills and arms can be the same color of the skin, but not always.



Unerinadae characters usually belong on Unearth, an Earth-like planet only 5 lightyears away from our home.

Unerinadae usually live in forest and forest-like regions, but more of the rare unerinadae live in desert and arctic climates. The ones that live in deserts are called Ariderinadae, and have thinner fur than normal Unerinadae. The ones that live in the arctic regions are called Cryorinadae, and their fur are much thicker than normal Unerinadae.


Unerinadae remain to be the most dominant species on the exoplanet Unearth, which is only five lightyears away from our home. The planet is slightly further away from its star, but remains within the Goldilocks Zone with a 1.03 AU.

Unerinadae were originally quadrupedal animals (walked on all four feet), but as time went on, they've adapted and evolved into biped, humanoid creatures. They lived a simple nomadic life, constantly moving from place to place in search for food and shelter. They often domesticated animals to hunt for food for them, and when they didn't need the animal anymore, they would kill it, and eat its remains.

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