Underground Masquerade is the fifth episode of the AngieYaz/RoseOfSharon reboot of the Sonic Underground television series.


Sleet and Dingo plan to collect the taxes owed to Robotnik from the Duke of Velcronia but keep it for themselves. To avoid the wrath of Robotnik, Sleet and Dingo infiltrate the Underground to corral Manic and friends to commit the crime and take the blame from the Swatbot police. The scheme is moving along well for the evil duo until they are caught on tape by Max, Manic's friend, who stops the devious Sleet and Dingo enabling the Duke keep his money.





  • Camper Van
  • Sleet and Dingo's tank
  • Swatbot police cruiser


  • Sonic Super Spin


  • The purple mask worn by Manic and Max bares slight resemblance to NiGHTS into Dreams..., another game by Sonic Team.
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