Underground Masquerade is the fifth episode of the AngieYaz/RoseOfSharon reboot of the Sonic Underground television series.


"Your Highness, I present you you...Chili Dog Mountain!"

Sleet and Dingo plan to collect the taxes owed to Robotnik from the Duke of Velcronia but keep it for themselves. To avoid the wrath of Robotnik, Sleet and Dingo infiltrate the Underground to corral Manic and friends to commit the crime and take the blame from the Swatbot police. The scheme is moving along well for the evil duo until they are caught on tape by Max, Manic's friend from within the Resistance, who stops the devious Sleet and Dingo, enabling the Duke to keep his money.





  • Camper Van
  • Sleet and Dingo's tank
  • Swatbot police cruiser


  • Sonic Super Spin


Sonic: Bummer man, did you have to give all this loot to Robuttnik for taxes?
Duke of Velcronia: If I don't, he'll toss me in jail! [They walk out of the treasury, and the duke closes the door. Sonia is shown looking at a computer.]
Sonia: And all the secret work you're doing for the resistance with your wealth and power would be lost forever!
Duke of Velcronia: Which is why I have all the electronic security, to make sure no one takes my down payment on freedom! [One of the Duke's robots rolls past. It gives Sonic a high-five and continues on.]

[Scene change: Sonic, Sonia, and the Duke are in a large banquet hall, with a table spread out with food in it. Sonic sees a plate of chili dogs, and his mouth starts watering.]

Sonia: [gasp]
Sonic: It's a true gentleman and a scholar who knows that the chili dog is a hedgehog's best friend. I just only wish Amy was here.
Sonia: Not this hedgehog. Although they are delicious. [A door is heard opening.]
Duke of Velcronia: Amy?
Sonic: My future queen. We met long ago when we were very young. I would give my life for her.
Sleet: Duke, are you there?
Sonic: Uh oh! Time to make ourselves scarce! [Grabs onto Sonia's arm, and dashes off, hiding behind a tapestry. Sleet enters.]
Sleet: Just making sure you have all my money.
Duke of Velcronia: All Dr. Robotnik's money, you mean.
Sleet: Of course. Just remember though, it's only because you are such an upstanding citizen that you're allowed your yearly ball.
Duke of Velcronia: Well, right now I'm preparing for my authorized ball, so if you don't mind... [He and Sleet walk out of the room.]

Sleet: Good, we've got to hide this loot, and then get a hold of that video and- [The police Swatbots walk in.]-Hello officers....[The Swatbots approach them.] As you can see, through some great detective work, Dingo and I have recovered the stolen loot! [The Swatbots glance at each other. Suddenly, the recording is projected on a wall.]
Sleet (Recording): This is so...Wonderful. That waster Manic did all the work- [Sonic is revealed to be the one casting the projection, for behind a rock.]
Dingo (Recording): And now we're rich, and he's in jail! Sleet, this was your sneakiest plot yet!
Sleet (Recording): I must say, "Guchino", you weren't bad yourself. [They laugh.]
[Sleet and Dingo are handcuffed, arrested, and marched off by the police Swatbots.]
Sleet: However will we explain this to Dr. Robotnik?


  • The purple mask worn by Manic and Max bares slight resemblance to NiGHTS into Dreams..., another game by Sonic Team.
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